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The Jesus Factory

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Used Book in Good Condition

An adventure novel of the spirit that reveals the lost message of the hidden apostle. This is one man’s search beyond religious fundamentalism to discover the real meaning of Christ’s message.

New Spiritual Adventure Novel Takes On Fundamentalism

In 1993, James Redfield’s “The Celestine Prophesy” used a fictional novel format to impart spiritual truths. It was a phenomenal success. Now, a new spiritual adventure novel speaks to a new generation looking for answers beyond traditional fundamentalism. The book is called, “The Jesus Factory”. It’s an adventure novel of the spirit that reveals the lost message of the hidden apostle. Out of the ruins of ancient Turkey, comes a new messenger and a new gospel that will change the world.

The story starts out in a mental institution, on the night that Peter Andrews, a famous charismatic minister, plans to commit suicide. He had it all, beautiful wife, daughter, immense success, power, head of the nation’s largest mega church with a congregation in the thousands. He was on the verge of international fame, fortune and political power, when it all came crashing down. What happened to turn this charismatic young man into a hate-filled atheist who wants nothing to do with God, Jesus and the Bible? That is the mystery of The Jesus Factory and it’s what compels us from chapter to chapter and page to page until the end.

Our own search for truth is much like Peter’s, only not as extreme. Like him, there comes a time when we can no longer believe the simple child-like stories from the pulpit. We tell ourselves; “This doesn’t make sense. There has got to be something more”. We reach a point of rebelling against the judgment, condemnation and the punishing God of our youth, to search, for a new faith and even a new God. Inside us, there comes a time when we can no longer deny that still small voice that urges us, like Peter, to find the real meaning of life.

For Peter, his awakening is devastating and leads to more than one dark night of the soul. Along the way, he encounters “messengers” that give him new and often hidden truths that will come to define a new more compassionate and inclusive gospel.

The book also reveals the secret methods that religious power brokers use to manipulate and control people in order to gain money, power and political influence. What is the power in the word Je-sus, and why do so many Christians no longer use words like God, Christ and Spirit. Do these same believers believe “in” Jesus, but not in the “message” of Jesus? Are there churches Jesus factories, where an empty product is packaged and sold each Sunday?

This is also the story of Peter’s wife, Ann, who also felt the call to be a minister but is denied simply because she’s a woman. The issue of “a woman’s place” is an important part of the book, and it addresses the history of the Christianity’s long subjugation of women.

Peter’s search takes him to Turkey, where Christian doctrine was formed.  It is here where he is compelled to face his own beliefs and where a new more inclusive gospel starts to take shape in side of him. This is also where he comes face to face with the divine messengers of the early church, including the mysterious Apostle of the Apostles.

The mystery and suspense builds from chapter to chapter as Peter’s story unfolds. The book also imparts many truths that the reader will want to stop and think about, including the Twelve Powers of the Apostles and Peter’s challenge to change the very core of  Christian belief.

The Jesus Factory is a book of truth wrapped in a compelling story of real people, both good and bad, that you can relate to. The overwhelming reviews about the book are that it is compelling, thought-provoking and life changing. Most readers admit that once they pick it up and start reading, it is difficult to put down. Many who have read it say that they were blown away by the story and truths, and that it was about time someone told the truth about fundamentalism. For more information on The Jesus Factory, go to the book’s website where you can download the first chapter for free:

(The Jesus Factory is also available from major bookstores, and in both the print and Kindle ebook format.)

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