In this thought-provoking book, Robert Harris critically examines traditional Christianity with the goal of finding out which of its elements are useful, essential, and in alignment with what Jesus actually taught and believed. The result is a fresh and vigorous interpretation of the faith. At its core is the idea that the elements of the Christian faith are best seen not as events that we merely acknowledge, but as processes in which we actively participate. Thus the focus shifts to action, responsibility, and continual growth. This is the challenging path that Jesus said “leads to life.” In the book, Harris summarizes—with minimal theological jargon—extensive research into the Bible, incarnation, atonement, trinity, and resurrection. Readers may be surprised, as the author was, to find out that the faith of Jesus is often quite different from the faith about Jesus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About the Author Robert Harris is the author of more than 40 books in a variety of genres, including inspiration, humor, how-to, and fiction. His works include Move Ahead with Sudden Forgiveness101 Things NOT to Do Before You DieHow Big is the Sky?, and the Claude Monet, Private Eye mysteries, all of which are available at He can be contacted via his website,