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Faith and Politics

The ills of society.  One might argue that both Christianity and politics confront the ills of society head on.  Then why is there such a rift between them? 

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America: 2022 Time for a Spiritual Revolution

The Jan 6th committee has done everything possible to show that Trump attempted to overthrow the government. They almost beg the undecided to look anew at the evidence and realize how close we came to losing our democracy and that it is still possible for that to happen.

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I Am God

Wisdom & Revelation from Mystical Consciousness

The mystic, seeking first-hand experience of the divine, soon discovers that the entire universe is conscious and alive, saturated by an all-encompassing and loving Presence. In this sacred and timeless consciousness, God is revealed as both Self and Creation and a great peace begins to melt humanity’s fever dream of scarcity and conflict.

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Messiah? No

The terms messiah and messianism have, of late, been resurrected in the political sphere. For some, Trump is the second messiah, come to liberate us from the devilish democratic cabal who eat children and worship satan,  thereby creating the kingdom of god as envisioned by heartless, authoritarian Republicans.

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Fifty Years Later – Part 10

Who was Jesus?

The question Who is Jesus? is perhaps the most complex issue in Christian theology, embracing, as it does, three interrelated sub-questions: who was he in his person, what did he do, and how does that impact us today?

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The Driving Force Behind White Christian Nationalism

The time has come to recognize an inconvenient truth. Christianity for many has become a political ideology with no connection to the love and goodness that comes from God.

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The Search for Hope, Trust and Contentment

I hope what I offer can produce a new understanding of how Christianity became so out of date and how we can more faithfully interpret the Bible and faithfully live in the Way of Jesus—living in hope, trust and contentment.

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Christian Nationalism: Bible as Playbook

Sixty-one percent of Republicans and 17% of Democrats think the US should declare itself a Christian nation, according to a recent U Maryland survey. This, despite many recognizing that it would violate the Constitution.

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Fifty Years Later – Part 9

What is Sin?

Answering this question is both easy and difficult. The easy part is differentiating sin against God from plain old immorality, as well as from crime against society.

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Fifty Years Later – Part 8

Who is Man?

Fifty years ago the Christian understanding of human nature fell into two camps. The fundamentalist approach placed humanity at the apex of an unchanging universe.

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The Benefit of the Doubt

How Religious Doubts Can Lead to a More Mature Faith

Healthy doubt can save people from many toxic beliefs. For example, Christians need to doubt the horrific idea that God eternally torments people in the flames of hell for holding erroneous beliefs.

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“I hope I have learned a thing or two over the years!”

Following one person or one belief system and closing out all others is easy for humans to do.

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Human Flourishing

Perhaps the best way to approach human flourishing is to visit a museum dedicated to civilizations’ demise.

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Fifty Years Later – Part 7

Is God Alive and well?

Creation and the health and activity of God go together.

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Fifty Years Later – Part 6

What does Creation Mean?

Even fifty years ago, whatever creation means, it does not mean that in seven days God brought the universe into being out of nothing.

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Where the Suffering Love of Jesus Takes Us

Suffering love is the pinnacle value of Christianity.  It is rooted in the suffering of Jesus on the cross–a reality we can never fully fathom: the aching loneliness, the wrenching pain, the sense of total abandonment. 

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Thinking About Prayer

If God is God, then how can we forgive him for not using his powers to spare us from the misery and pain this life often brings? 

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Finding the Voice of God in the Abortion Debate

  The place to begin is to admit a hard truth for many Christians: the Bible will not tell you so. The Christian scriptures have nothing to say about abortion.

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