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The Importance of “And”

The Forgotten Political Message of Christianity Diana Butler Bass Aug 13

  Religion News Service was quick to point out that Kamala Harris, the newly selected Democratic vice-presidential candidate, is both bi-racial and bi-religious: Harris, who was born in Oakland, California, to a Jamaican immigrant father…and an Indian immigrant …

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Bringing in the Kingdom of God

            I have a musical in my computer that is sadly going nowhere. I love the central premise. Jesus comes back and appoints a gay guy to be his messenger. It was easy to make funny because the characters are zany.

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Find Your Happiness in Helping Others

Everybody wants to be happy. It is a fundamental right.

What if I tell you that the more you value your happiness the less likely you are to feel happy? This is what two studies from the University of Denver have evidenced. Feeling happy seems not to be in relation to your own happiness, but to others’ happiness. What a catch-22!

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Jesus’ Parable for Labor Day

In our society, where automation and technology threaten to put more and more of us at the end of the line, it might prove helpful to turn to Jesus’ parable in our striving to determine anew the meaning of labor and reward.

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More Than God-Talk: A Field Guide to Religion and Politics

We’re midway through back-to-back political conventions – and faith and politics has emerged as a hot topic for both Democrats and Republicans. Some observers were surprised at how much emphasis the Democrats put on religion last week; no one will be surprised when the GOP does the same – or more – in upcoming days. 

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September 18th: Commemorating Dag Hammarskjold

20th Century Peace Maker and Christian Mystic

Swedish diplomat Dag Hammarskjold, the United Nations Secretary-General, was awarded a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize.  After his death, many were surprised at the content of Markings, a kind of personal diary and notebook now recognized as a  twentieth century classic of Christian spirituality.

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The Subversion of Jesus by the Rich and Powerful, Part Three: The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus happened before the crucifixion. Furthermore, I suspect it was the rich and powerful who reversed the order of events. Confused? Let me explain.

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The Subversion of Jesus by the Rich and Powerful, Part Two: The Crucifixion

The wealthy have always been in control. They are today, they were when Jesus walked the planet. He tried a revolution, but the wealthy commandeered the theology and killed the revolution.

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Living Through A Lawless Apocalypse

Progressive Christians rely on God’s message of love as our guide through the mounting crises in the United States and the world. It is not a message of waiting and hoping, as in the case of apocalyptic expectations. It is a message calling for action based on dedication to truth and loving consideration for others more than ourselves.

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Why You Need Music and Singing

This week, I was so inspired by what I wanted to share with you, I made a video so you could “feel” and see the passion behind the words, from my heart to yours.

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Finding the Smile

Ultimately, faith is no more than the willingness and bravery to be ultimately concerned, fueling that fire of concern with everything that matters. The mystery is that taking the risk to be so ultimately concerned in itself makes us more whole.

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Wake Up, America!

Not the time for sentimental politics

Let’s tell the truth about these times!  On the bright side, the recent Black Lives Matter movement continues to build and will hopefully carry us to long-overdue progress in race relations.  On the darker side, however, we live in the grip of one of the worst pandemics in the recent history of our planet.  Added to this, our nation is saddled with the what is arguably most incompetent and corrupt presidency in our 244 years as a democratic republic.

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Renounce Father Serra

I have been a docent at the Mission San Juan Capistrano in California since 1991. I conduct walking tours for fourth graders studying Californian history and adults who want to see this well-preserved historic landmark, which was built in 1776. I also give special tours explaining the mission’s collection of religious art.

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Laurinburg NC: A Lesson on Healing the Racial Divide in America

When I told Ambassador Young of my Laurinburg experience, he smiled and said: “You know, Rick, the problem of systemic racism in this country is not all that difficult to understand. As your Laurinburg example tells us, the cause is primarily economic. When white folks have good jobs, they make good neighbors. When they are unemployed and scared or underemployed and resentful, there are problems.”

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How We Can Show Up for the Trans Community

The Supreme Court’s decision allowing the transgender military ban to go into effect is another reminder that the transgender community is under attack by the current administration. They are being painted as dangerous deviants whose very existence threatens our nation.

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Does the church deserve to die

For centuries the Church has battled to preserve its existence from threats to its dogma, creeds and influence. Those who dared to challenge its orthodoxy were sometimes treated with “extreme unction”. Ecclesiastical trials were often followed by burnings at the stake.

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AME Church statement on Democratic VP nominee Senator Kamala Harris

  “This is the Day that the Lord has Made” In May 2020, presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden committed to adding a woman to his ticket. Throughout the summer, Biden has been encouraged to select a …

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Is “progressive” an aspiration or an appellation?

By identifying ourselves and our churches explicitly as “progressive”, we have lifted our perspective on the faith to a much higher level of public awareness.  Our efforts have legitimized our understanding of Christianity, making it much more accessible to the growing number of Christians who yearn for an alternative way to understand and walk the way of Jesus.

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