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Moving Beyond Belief: A New Focus for the Christian Faith

The central argument of the book is that we must shift the focus of our religion away from biblical belief to a sense of the deep, transforming love that comes from knowing God.

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UNenlightenment: A Theological Foundation for Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Christian Faith

Do you desire more from your faith than what you learned in Sunday School? Do you find yourself asking questions about Christianity and feeling unsatisfied with the answers?

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Giving Christianity Back to Agape Love

A New Paradigm for Being Church Together

How could a church that has been plagued by anti-Semitism, the killing of the Crusades, and the violence of the Inquisition (to name a few) be redeemed of these evils? Quite simply, it has always returned to Jesus.

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Christian Mythics

365 Readings and Meditations

A true religious renewal, according to Fox, can arise only through the mystical dimension of faith.

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Book Review: “The Road to Character” by David Brooks

  The Road to Character by David Brooks, A Review by Rick Herrick          How do we become a moral person? How do we come to do a better job living the teachings of …

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All Our Griefs to Bear: Responding with Resilience after Collective Trauma

Church and Christian community look a lot different than they did before the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic, racial trauma, and economic uncertainty revealed difficult truths about the wounds we carry. The damage caused by trauma is deep and affects every part of our lives together.

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Upside-Down Apocalypse: Grounding Revelation in the Gospel of Peace

  A peacemaker’s guide to the book of Revelation The book of Revelation—which deals on a cosmic scale with good and evil, politics and empire, community and eternity—has intrigued and frustrated readers since it was written. How …

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The Seven Deadly Sins of White Christian Nationalism

A Call to Action (Religion in the Modern World)

In this book, Carter Heyward shows how American Christians have played a major role in building and securing structures of injustice in American life. She contends that, especially since the end of World War Two, American Christianity too often has been coopted by a white Christian nationalist agenda.

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Religious Shoes, Spiritual Feet: Walking Barefoot on the Path

No one is an expert at directing another’s spiritual journey, nor should anyone try. Each person is unique, and free to walk their own path, seeking their own answers, designing their own conversations with God.

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Original Blessing: A Primer in Creation Spirituality

Presented in Four Paths, Twenty-Six Themes, and Two Questions

Here is a reissue of the critically acclaimed bestseller, named one of the “20 books that changed the world” in New Age Journal’s Annual Source Book for 1995.

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Love is Everything

A Year With Hadewijch of Antwerp

This compilation of the mystical writings of Hadewijch of Antwerp is best described, in Andrew Harvey’s words, as a “heroic song” of love

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Stories in the Scriptures: A novelist’s approach to the Bible

Stories in the Scriptures offers a way of reading familiar texts from a fresh perspective. Robert Crompton comes to the ancient narratives in the role of a story-teller and asks, not, “What must we believe?” but, “What real situations might have prompted people just like ourselves to tell these tales?”

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Jesus Learns to Glow

This illustrated children’s book is for all those who love creatures that glow, with multiple ones encountered along the journey. Inclusive for both religious and nonreligious audiences, readers will be reinspired to let your light shine!

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The One Body of Christ

Discovering the Truth That Will Set You Free

The One Body of Christ will transfigure the way you know God, yourself, and the world around you. This eye-opening look at Scripture, philosophy, and scientific discoveries will allow you to take the leap into Spiritual hyperspace.

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Authentic Living in All Seasons: Focused, Fearless, and Balanced

In his new book, Authentic Living in All Seasons, award-winning author Walt Shelton, one of the most-read faith columnists in Texas, shows readers how to find happiness while enjoying today.

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Study Guide for The Core Values of Progressive Christianity 2022- PDF Download

This study guide can be used for small group study, intentional communities, conferences, or any group who would like to delve more deeply into the history and the process of living out the core teachings of Jesus. There are discussion questions and space after each point for groups to come up with their own thoughts and ideas.

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Divine Sparks

Interfaith Wisdom for a Postmodern World

Divine Sparks presents practical and inspiring wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions for men and women of all faiths—or none.

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Me, Jesus, a Beer and a Cigar

Dickinson encourages the reader to seek the abnormal, embrace the uncomfortable and find the truth.  Be intentional.  Move from advocate to activist.

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