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White Too Long

The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity

As the nation grapples with demographic changes and the legacy of racism in America, Christianity’s role as a cornerstone of white supremacy has been largely overlooked.

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How the Light Shines by Trisha Elliott

Stories, Strategies, and Spiritual Practices for Caregivers of People with Dementia

This book is for caregivers who have a desire not only to hone their caring skills, but also to deepen their relationship with God through their care. It explores feelings of loss and challenge, but turns always towards potential and hope.

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The Great Digital Commission

Embracing Social Media for Church Growth and Transformation

Attendance in US churches continues to sharply decline. As church leaders struggle to identify both root causes and possible responses, they often feel a sense of despair… but there is hope!

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Church After: Finding transformation in unexpected change

Change is inevitable. Make it transformational.
Find transformation in unexpected changes, in your life and your congregation

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Rewilding Motherhood: Your Path to an Empowered Feminine Spirituality

Women are often told by their communities that being a mother will complete or define them. But many women find themselves depleted and spiritually stagnant amid the everyday demands of being a mom.

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Secrets of Our Faith

What the Pastor has been taught, What is preached from the pulpit, And ... why the difference!

Much, if not most, of what is preached on Sunday mornings is different than what is taught in reputable Christian colleges and seminaries. This disconnect is fast becoming the leading factor in the continued decline of Christianity in the United States.

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The Land is Not Empty

In The Land Is Not Empty, author Sarah Augustine unpacks the harm of the Doctrine of Discovery–a set of laws rooted in the fifteenth century that gave Christian governments the moral and legal right to seize lands they “discovered” despite those lands already being populated by indigenous peoples.

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Dear White Peacemakers

Dismantling Racism with Grit and Grace

Dear White Peacemakers is a breakup letter to division, a love letter to God’s beloved community, and an eviction notice to the violent powers that have sustained racism for centuries.

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Christian Mindfulness

It’s a tough task to be spiritually mindful in the midst of the chaos in a world where most of our moments have been seized by a mindless environment. A framework is needed to accomplish purposeful mindfulness throughout the day while attending to our necessary obligations, ideally leading to mental, physical, spiritual health.

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Chinese Version: Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism

Eugene Lo Wei is an American Presbyterian Elder and the representative for in China.

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Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World

We are in a time of transition, the midst of a cultural shift—what some have called “The Great Turning.”

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Book Review: “A Man Called Jesus” by Dr. Rick Herrick

n his inspirational novel, A Man Called Jesus, author, Dr. Rick Herrick, presents a Jesus with irresistible compassion who is deeply infused with God’s love.

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A Man Called Jesus

A Novel Revised and Annotated

Have you ever wondered about Nazareth as a place to live in the first century? How about Jesus the miracle worker: how did he do the great deeds reported of him in the New Testament? “A Man Called Jesus” answers those questions and more.

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In Brigid’s Footsteps: The Return of the Divine Feminine

Celtic goddess and Christian saint Brigid is the focus of this collection of essays on the
Divine Feminine and the ongoing evolution of consciousness.

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Jeff’s Journey

This passionate love story is set in the picturesque village of Valle Crucis in the North Carolina mountains. Within the warm embrace of Abby Dunbar and among his many friends in the Valle Crucis community, the Reverend Jeffrey Peterson heals the scars from a failed ministry and psychological trauma.

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What to Believe?: The Questions of Christian Faith

This book seeks  primarily  to  deal  with  the  questions  which any thinking person  must  raise  about  Christian  faith.

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Tenderly Calling: An Invitation to the Way of Jesus

Jim Burklo attunes the reader to Jesus’ voice in “Tenderly Calling”. It is an invitation for those starting the path of Jesus, as well as for those setting out afresh. He invites the reader into the depths of the Bible’s transformative myth and poetry, into the practices of Christian contemplation, and into action, building the kingdom of heaven and earth.

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Women in the Bible for Progressive Christians

Women make up over one-half of the world’s population, yet throughout history women have been kept out of power; they have been oppressed and disregarded, and have often had their stories ignored. This is a tragedy not only for women but for all humankind, because we all have much to gain by hearing one another’s stories, and by experiencing one another in all of our rich fullness – not from a preconceived notion that one group or sex is superior to another.

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