How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian: Is God Violent? An Exploration from Genesis to Revelation

The acclaimed Bible scholar and author of The Historical Jesus and God & Empire — “the greatest New Testament scholar of our generation” (John Shelby Spong) —grapples with Scripture’s two conflicting visions of Jesus and God, one of a loving God, and one of a vengeful God, and explains how Christians can better understand these passages in a way that enriches their faith.

Many portions of the New Testament, introduce a compassionate Jesus who turns the other cheek, loves his enemies, and shows grace to all. But the Jesus we find in Revelation and some portions of the Gospels leads an army of angels bent on earthly destruction. Which is the true revelation of the Messiah—and how can both be in the same Bible?

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In Memory of Jesus

In Memory of Jesus blends imaginative conversation and the author’s own personal journey of coming to know Jesus as friend to produce a realistic human picture of the person at the heart of Christian faith. Morwood maintains that Christianity must return to focusing on the human Jesus and his message if it is to have relevance in the modern world.

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All Set Free: How God is Revealed in Jesus and Why That is Really Good News

What is the ending to the human drama? Will all be reconciled to God in the end? Does God demand an altar, a corpse, and blood? Or, rather, is the Christian God set apart from all the other gods throughout history? All Set Free sets out to answer some of the more difficult questions Christians today are faced with. It will challenge the Augustinian understanding of hell and the Calvinist understanding of the atonement; replacing them with a more Christ-centered understanding of both doctrines. This book will also use the work of René Girard in order to reshape how many understand “what it means to be human.” Then and only then should we ask: “Who is God?” Come explore what has become Matthew’s theological pilgrimage to this point. Come discover the God of peace.

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Christ for Unitarian Universalists: A New Dialogue with Traditional Christianity

Christ for Unitarian Universalists is an engaging and thoughtful inquiry into Christianity for Unitarian Universalists and other spiritual seekers–including skeptics, non-religious people, liberal Christians, and those who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.”

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Drink from the Well

From a rich lode of speeches, articles in eBulletins, and numerous publications, Fred Plumer has mined those that define the Progressive Christianity movement as it evolves to meet new challenges in a rapidly changing world. Written over a period of approximately six years, the material has been reviewed and edited but not in a manner that would change its original themes and purpose. This anthology is vintage Plumer, concise and direct to the point. It is organized into chapters that focus on a particular subject, so it might shed more light on that subject or theme.

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The World According to Jesus

... his blueprint for the best possible world

Through her intriguing explanation of the teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, Parkinson sets out compelling reasons why a real commitment to following the vision of Jesus of Nazareth can bring to reality the best possible world. In another age the author of this book would have been convicted of heresy at the very least. Her case for a 21st century new Reformation of the church is a must for all who have doubted or rejected the old Christianity and are looking for the way forward.

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God In My Head: The true story of an ex-Christian who accidentally met God.

Joshua Steven Grisetti didn’t even believe God existed when he experienced an accidental drug overdose… and met Him. The first thing God said: “Stop telling people I don’t exist.” What followed was a life-altering spiritual adventure that you have to read to believe!

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How to Be Here: A Guide to Creating a Life Worth Living

Do you ever feel like you’re skimming the surface of your own existence? Like you have more options and technology and places to go and things to do than ever and yet it feels at some level like you’re missing out? Like you’re busy, but it’s not fulfilling? That’s why I’ve written How to Be Here, to help us live like we’re not missing a thing. Because that’s what we all want, right-to feel like we’re fully present, here, and nowhere else, creating a life worth living.

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The Way of the Wind: The Path and Practice of Evolutionary Christian Mysticism

This book explores the Christian faith from the perspective of evolutionary spirituality. It looks at the life and teaching of Jesus through this lens. The author asserts that evolution is the fundamental dynamic of our universe, transcending biology, to include culture and consciousness. Jesus himself was tapped into a sacred evolutionary current to transcend, yet include, his own religious lineage. This urge for self and cultural transcendence therefore is an essential element of the Christian faith: there is no final iteration of the Christian faith. Everything, including the Christian faith, is in the process of transcending itself. When we realize the mystical awareness that we are the presence of a sacred evolutionary process awakening to itself, we catalyze the power of what traditionally has been called the Holy Spirit.

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Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess

A Girl God Anthology

35 International contributors reflect on finding Goddess within (and without) Christianity and Islam.

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Born Bad – Original Sin and the Making of the Western World

“Original sin is the Western world’s creation story.”

According to the Christian doctrine of original sin, humans are born inherently bad, and only through God’s grace can they achieve salvation. In this captivating and controversial book, acclaimed historian James Boyce explores how this centuries-old concept has shaped the Western view of human nature right up to the present. Boyce traces a history of original sin from Adam and Eve, St. Augustine, and Martin Luther to Adam Smith, Sigmund Freud, and Richard Dawkins, and explores how each has contributed to shaping our conception of original sin.

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Prayers of Via De Cristo: Calls to Worship for Progressive Christians

‘Prayers of Via de Cristo: Calls to Worship for Progressive Christians’ offers a collection of 125 service prayers created specifically for an informal and introspective Progressive Christian congregation. Comfortable with contemporary situation, conversation, and scholarship, these reflective prayers focus on a wide range of themes and perspectives.

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Made On Earth – How the gospel writers created the Christ

NEW TITLE RELEASE 21st January 2016

In this book Lorraine Parkinson sets out compelling reasons why the gospels may be found to have been ‘made on earth’. She builds a strong argument that each gospel was written to make a distinct case for Jesus as the Christ. She presents detailed evidence that the Christ of the gospels is the creation of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, plus later editors. The sub-text of this book contends that by including teachings of Jesus alongside claims for him as Christ, gospel writers bequeathed to Christianity two contradictory gospels – the gospel of Jesus and the gospel about Jesus.

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Interview with John Shelby Spong – Né d’une femme (Born of a Woman)

By Jeannie Raymond, June 2015

An interview with Bishop John Shelby Spong while on tour in France promoting the French Version of his book “The Birth of Jesus” -” Ne d’une femme” (“Born of a Woman”) Karthala Edition June 2015.

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Stations of the Cosmic Christ

Many people are familiar with the devotional practice within Christian churches of praying the “Stations of the Cross.” In this book Bishop Marc Andrus and spiritual theologian Matthew Fox challenge believers and non-believers alike to develop a new practice based on very ancient teachings and the new cosmology: The Stations of the Cosmic Christ.

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Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh

Transforming Evil in Soul and Society

In this revised edition—with a luminous foreword by Deepak Chopra and a new preface that
brings the book up to date with the cataclysmic events of the new millennium—Matthew Fox shows how, contrary to mainstream church teachings, flesh is the grounding of spirit, and how spirit and flesh are entwined with each other in a felicitous and spiritually nourishing bond. Firs published in 1999, Sins of the Spirit is Fox’s redefinition of sin for our time: pointing the way toward a deeper and more compassionate way to live while eloquently revealing the means to confront evil both within and without.

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Progressive Conversations: Essays on Matters of Social Justice for Critical Thinkers

After a generation of being a leading progressive voice both in the pulpit and in the print media of Springfield, Missouri, Roger Ray has collected one hundred of his essays on topics of social justice, religion, sex, economics, warfare, and race as a collection for use in college classrooms, in adult discussion groups, and as an enjoyable collection of thought provoking articles that once appeared on the opinion page of the Springfield NewsLeader.

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Entering the Kingdom: What The Historical Jesus Teaches Us about The Kingdom of God


Scholars agree that the core of Jesus’ message was “the kingdom.” But what is the kingdom? And what is its relevance for us today? In this booklet, Robert Perry draws out the radical message of the kingdom, its diagnosis of the human condition and its prescription for the cure. Through commentary and practical exercises, we learn that Jesus’ message carries just as much liberating power for our lives today as it did when it first was spoken.

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