Enter my hearing, Oh, silence
Soften my sight with love
Rid my thoughts of harshness
Open my search for good

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Worship Materials: Forgiveness Litany

From the Celebrating Mystery collection

All of us have experienced mental or physical suffering at the hands of other people. But each of us has also brought suffering to others.
However when we are unwilling to forgive, we deny the essence of God’s loving-kindness, and deprive ourselves of the healing for which our life-force longs.

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No shallow prayer

No shallow prayer
but words which plumb
the depth of our desire,
to which we might aspire.

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We Light these Lights

A new prayer for Hanukkah by Rabbi Brant Rosen

We light these lights
for the instigators and the refusers
the obstinate and unyielding
for the ones who kept marching

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Worship Materials: Trinity

From the Festive Worship collection

THEME The many and the one – Images of the imageless God.

1. Do not let the Christian doctrine of the Trinity alienate you from the oneness of God; for God is both the many and the one.

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Psalm 63

O dear God, I love you!
I ache for you, my heart burns for you
and only you can quench this fire

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Along the Way

The professor and mountaineer Ernest Gellner told of how he once became lost. No matter how he tried to follow his map, he could not find his way down the mountain. Then he realized that his map was of the wrong mountain.

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Gaining Peace

I grow
Faith in forgiveness
When willing

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One of my favorite haunts is the Theology Room of the Ghost Ranch Library … There I sat, contemplating the nature of divinity, and the divinity of nature.

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Celebrate Our Life Together

Celebrate our life together, giving birth in many ways;

Father-Mother Love is with us, leading to a better day.

Equal partners ‘round the table, family groups of every kind

show us how to nurture kindness, new creation’s joy to find.

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