A New Creed (1968)

We are called to be the Church… to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen, our judge and our hope…

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Healing Resources from Andrew Harvey

Anyone who isn’t prepared to do the intense work that is required to become love in action, is allowing the dark to destroy the planet.

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Glory Happening: Finding the Divine in Everyday Places

When you have an experience and tell the story of that experience to someone, something sacred happens inside of you. That experience doesn’t have to be an extravagant moment, but it can be beautiful, nonetheless. And as you store up all those stories and share them, you grow your world’s boundaries. You build community and remind yourself that every moment of your life counts for something holy, good, and glorious.

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Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox

Calling all Lovers of Creation, Social and Environmental Activists, Mystic Explorers, Sacred Earth Keepers

On Mother’s Day May 2019, in honor of Gaia, our wounded Mother Earth, I and a dedicated team of helpers, launched a series of FREE daily meditations to support your being and your work.  Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox supports your inner and outer work, your contemplation and your action, your mystical and prophetic vocations. 

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I Pray Anyway PLAYbook

Discussion and Workshop for I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent

PLAYbook for I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent is a creative, thought provoking guide/curriculum based on the book I PrayY Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent by Joyce Wilson-Sanford.

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Church Readings – Jesus Commandments

Be completely humble and gentle
Be patient
forgiving one another in love

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Free Gratitude Design for Churches and other Non-Profits

Allison Rossiter is making her “Gratitude Design” available to churches and other non-profit organizations for free.

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Interfaith Mindfulness-Based Contemplative Prayer

Interfaith Mindfulness-Based Contemplative Prayer
by James Burklo on August 16, 2018 | No Reviews or Comments

A 12th c French Catholic Christian monk, Guigo II, described the spiritual life as climbing a ladder. The steps were lectio, meditatio, oratio, and contemplatio – reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation. This “ladder” has defined Catholic Christian spiritual discipline ever since. An ancient practice, employed increasingly today in churches both Catholic and Protestant, is called “Lectio Divina”. It follows Guigo’s four steps.

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Communities of Hope

Practices to build hope include dialogues, just getting out there, prayer, and imagining a house of hope. We do what we can, and there is plenty to do.

On November 9, 2016, the United States concluded a blisteringly polarized, vicious political campaign cycle. The results — especially the surprise upset of Hillary Clinton by Donald J. Trump in the presidential election — stunned people as devastating or miraculous, depending on different standpoints.

Concerned about civil rights, immigration, international relations, civility, multiculturalism, and a host of other issues, many people found hope in short supply after the election results came in.

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State of the Union: Progressive Christianity

I’m here to give a version of this State of the Union that gives at least a hint of how things are going with this movement globally. And I do it to offer you spiritual encouragement and enrichment. Because understanding our religious identity feeds our spirituality. Knowing who we are in the realm of faith and spirituality helps us to express our religious experiences. And being able to express our spirituality helps us to experience it in our hearts. Language follows experience, but it also induces and inspires experience as well. It’s a feedback loop that helps us keep the faith and feel the presence of God.

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God Is a Verb

Written by Kris Minister

God is a verb
Living within you and me
Fleshing our flesh
Rejoicing our joy
Crying our sorrow
And empowering us to swim upstream.

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A Spiritual Self-Portrait — More than a Dream

A painter’s easel stands before me as I rest quietly in a dream-like state of sleep
Prompted to express my spiritual self with color and brush strokes of my choice

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A Man to Imitate

There once was an extraordinary young man
born in Nazareth centuries before
airplanes, cars, or computers
but a man in many ways similar
to you and I.

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Worship Materials: Other Worship Resources

From the Celebrating Mystery collection

Ceremonies are points of cohesion beyond the boundaries of reason, a journey into the shadowy mystical world of the human spirit …

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A Creed for Healing Transformation

I believe in a mysterious impulse, where the essence of peace restores what is good
I believe in healing love that grows through faith to create joy

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Conscience and Consciousness

A Spiritual Path for Personal Transformation

An aging Vietnam vet suffering from PTSD returns to Da Nang after 50 years in order to try to do something for those still afflicted generations later by the lingering toxic affects of Agent Orange. His nagging conscience leads to a redemptive act of self-healing and a common good.

Spirituality is often an amorphous and bandied about term that too often connotes the merely religious type, as somehow distinct from those who are not. Instead, I appreciate something as equally shared as it is often neglected, namely the human conscience and our sometimes-belated conscious awareness of it.

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Christianity And Creeds

Each of us is a unique individual. How we think, how we perceive certain events, what images we use to objectify our mental perceptions, etc., are unique to the individual. We don’t fit one common mold. Why should we think that we could expect uniformity in the most unique, complex area of personal consciousness: religious belief? It is my thinking that we should accept the historical Creeds of the Church as documents that served a purpose in their time of history, but that the historic Creeds of the past should not limit the working of God’s spirit in our own time.

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We believe in a mystery we call God

From the Boundless Life collection

We believe in a mystery we call God,
A mystery beyond definition,
A flame that is glimpsed through darkened glass,
The hope of our human condition.

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