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Films for an anti-racist education

From Bulldog Films

The past few weeks since George Floyd’s death have been a long overdue wake up call to not only America, but to the world about Systemic Racism and how it affects the lives of Black people in the United States.

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Brave New Faith Project

Our mission is to champion social justice issues by using a model of media, education, and grassroots volunteer involvement that inspires, empowers, motivates and teaches civic participation and makes a difference.

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Symbiotic Earth – How Lynn Margulis rocked the boat

A film by John Feldman
147 minutes | English SDH Captions
The film is divided into ten essays. Each essay may be played individually or you can play them in blocks. We suggest playing the 3-minute Introduction before playing an individual essay, or blocks.

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Rollbacks : An Assault Against Life on Earth

The 29 minute film is meant to be used as a tool for discussion and a resource for knowledge and action. The impact of climate change is undeniable and catastrophic. The recent and ongoing fires in California are a heartbreaking demonstration of this.

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AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a controversial project that brings fracked crude oil from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota through South Dakota, Iowa and eventually to Illinois. The Standing Rock Tribe and people all over the world oppose the project because the pipeline runs under the Missouri river, a source of drinking water for over 18 million people, and pipeline leaks are commonplace.

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The Work Of The People

Work out your faith and renew hope through our film library of spiritual leaders and contemplative pieces.

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