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Dear White Women,

A letter reminding modern white feminists of their relationship with black women throughout history

For the 2018 -2019 academic year Rachel will be touring her signature live lecture exploring the history of feminism through the lens of race. Uncover layers of unlearned details, revealing the problematic effects that white centered activism has had on the past and present of the feminist movement and action items you can take to be more intentional and inclusive.

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When Straight Christians Reject our LGBTQ Siblings

An Open Letter to the United Methodist Church

I’ve never been one of your number, though I’ve always been a fan. I grew up Pentecostal (among other things), where we found your personal and social holiness traditions to be fertile soil to grow our experiences of the Spirit stirring in our midst.

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Dear Church — An open letter from a young adult who’s about to give up on you.

That’s what I was looking for, after all. A community that would take a stand. People who were fed up with letting terrible things happen.

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A Christmas Letter to my Community of Readers

I want to express my gratitude to you for being part of this effort. The idea that we could put online a serious adult Bible study and contemporary issue subscription service that would attempt to breach the gap between the Christian academy and the Christian pew and to help us all learn how to think theologically in a new way, was once nothing more than a dream. Each of you has helped to turn that dream into a reality.

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