God Abundant, God of Wonder

A Christian Hymn against Christian Nationalism

God abundant, God of wonder, God of every living thing,

God of justice and of righteousness, empower us as we sing.

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When All is Burned Away: An Ash Wednesday Reading

A Liturgical Piece

When all is burned away by violence, fear and greed
We tremble in our terror that we’ve lost the things we need.

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Love Will Have the Final Laugh: An Easter Hymn

A pretty, simple Easter Hymn: Love Will Have the Final Laugh

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Liturgical Material

Incorporating the new science, creation spirituality, and Christian teaching

Evolutionary Rituals are ways to show how religion, humanity, and divinity evolve.

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Lent – Easter – Passiontide – Pentecost

Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost do not form three seasons. The Easter season celebrates the three dimensions of the resurrection, ascension, and the sending of the Spirit.

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Intercessions for Yarram

This intercession was written for Holy Trinity Anglican Church Yarram, South Gippsland, Australia.

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Hymn: “The Day of Crucifixion”

Tune: St. Christopher

Jesus is not my scapegoat / for any wrong I’ve done
It isn’t fair to place on him / what he had never done

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Spirit: The Seed of the Soul; Some Imaginative Ruminations

If we all have a soul, and that soul contains the image of God or God’s virtues and values, then our individual deaths are not the end of what is most important about us. It is shared by all.

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The Creatures We Love

A new hymn by Amanda Udis-Kessler for The Blessing of The Animals Services

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Blessing of Smart Phones

  Not long ago, I “mused” about my new friend at USC, Shane Cole – whom I refer to affectionately as a “digital Mennonite”.  He’s founding a student club he is calling “Digital Detox” – to promote a radically …

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Ashes to Ashes, Dawn to Dawn

For all of you grieving the loss of someone you love — whether this loss occurred last week, last year, or decades ago — I hope you find some comfort in these words, too. I hope you have the courage to tell the truth about your loved one: the good, the bad, and the complex. And that you don’t break faith with the full spectrum of your feeling, from mourning to dancing.

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Come then, fellow travellers – an Eco-Hymn

Listen below to the Eco-Hymn “Come then, fellow travellers” set to the tune of “Onward, Christian soldiers”.

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“Only Now” and “Our Earth Needs You” – Two Eco-Hymns

To the tune of Robbie Burns’ famous song ‘My love is like a red red rose’, ‘ONLY NOW is an example of eco-lyrics set to famous, beautiful old tunes. Eco-lyrics by Gaia Dance.

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Love Language for progressive church worship

These three words sum up progressive Christian theology. They represent a turning point in the evolution of human understanding of Ultimate Reality.  The Bible starts with Superman-In-The-Sky and ends with agape – unconditional love – as the identity of the Divine.

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A Communion Liturgy for Pentecost Sunday

Written by John van de Laar © Sacredise Publishing (Sacredise.com)

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Hymn “O God, Who Does Love Me”

Tune: Gordon 11 11.11 11

O God, who does love me / And brought me to birth
With me through my childhood / You welcomed my mirth
I still can remember / When to you I would pray
You promised to love me / To never skip a day

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A Prayer for the Day of Crucifixion

O God, let us take in the moment of this day of crucifixion, not remembering it in the context of what came after it, but how it left Jesus’ disciples and followers in tragic sadness and heart-wrenched disillusionment.

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God Is Within

The following church service was conducted by George Stuart at Toronto New South Wales in Australia March 2021.

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