God Abundant, God of Wonder

A Christian Hymn against Christian Nationalism

God abundant, God of wonder, God of every living thing,

God of justice and of righteousness, empower us as we sing.

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Hymn: Blest Are You, the Poor in Spirit

A Beatitudes hymn text with a suggested public domain hymn tune.

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Brother James: For Your Progressive Christian Playlist

Justin James Sinclair is a young man on a mission.  He made retreats at the St Andrew’s Abbey and New Camaldoli monasteries in California, where, to his astonishment, he discovered a strand of Christianity that no one in the evangelical churches he attended, nor at Biola University where he studied, had revealed to him before. 

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Love Will Have the Final Laugh: An Easter Hymn

A pretty, simple Easter Hymn: Love Will Have the Final Laugh

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Crystal Singing Bowls

The Angelic Sound of Healing, Relaxation and Spiritual Awakening

This book is not only a thorough and practical instruction manual to get started with crystal
singing bowls, it offers inspiring stories and guidance from Ashana’s twenty-plus years of
playing, teaching, and healing through crystalline sound.

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Paul Winter’s Winter Solstice Celebration

The 43rd annual Paul Winter Consort Winter Solstice Celebration, in the form of a video retrospective, is now available to watch for free on YouTube.

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Lessons on Care: History, Ancestry and Environment

with Alexis Pauline Gumbs

It is our hope that our time together nourished your spirits and inspired your work as the change agents, healers and light workers that you are.

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We Believe

We Believe is a sweeping love song for all creation, equally suitable as standalone anthem or as a sung creed.

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Well Collective

Music For Churches. For Conferences. For people who worship

Our team that we send out as a band can be booked as an all-inclusive worship leading package, or in partnership with some of a church’s current team members who serve the band in worship.

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“Earth Aura with Miracle and louder”

Listen to the Eco-Hymn “Earth Aura with Miracle and louder” set to the tune of “Breathe on me, breath of God”

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The Creatures We Love

A new hymn by Amanda Udis-Kessler for The Blessing of The Animals Services

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Celebrating the Cosmos Liturgy

This presentation is a celebration of the cosmos and its processes. Why? We are living in a time not only of the meltdown of glaciers but also of ideological systems.

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Golden Light Meditation

With Crystal Singing Bowls

  What would your life be like if the practice of Presence as Light became part of your everyday waking consciousness? Being an Embodiment of Light is a practice. It invites our love and devotion. It’s not …

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Hymn “O God, Who Does Love Me”

Tune: Gordon 11 11.11 11

O God, who does love me / And brought me to birth
With me through my childhood / You welcomed my mirth
I still can remember / When to you I would pray
You promised to love me / To never skip a day

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Love Had a Dream

An Easter Journey

A progressive Christian encounter with the Easter story that situates it within the longer story of sacred love and within our lives today.

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Waves of Love: A Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation by Ashana

So many of us are going through very challenging times. It’s not always easy to stay centered in the heart and grounded in love. In the face of daunting stress, fear and uncertainty, to remember love and stay anchored in its embrace can sometimes feel impossibly hard.

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Hersay – Songs for Healing and Empowerment

Hersay brings healing and empowerment through songs with lyrics inclusive of the Divine Feminine, drawing from the musical styles of Taizé and other chant traditions. Female names and images of the Divine heal the wounds of patriarchal oppression and violence, and empower us to create a just and peaceful world.

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All Belong Here – The Many – Lyric Video

From their 2017 album, “All Belong Here,” this song is a new kind of call to communion, a call to remember who we are, and how much we are loved, a song that sees God’s table as a place where we all belong, and that this whole world is God’s table, where we can eat and be filled, where we can drink in the grace.

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