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Soul Journeys

Christian Spirituality and Shamanism as Pathways for Wholeness and Understanding

What can Christianity learn from Shamanism? What can Shamanism learn from Christianity? The conversation starts here…

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Practicing Spirituality in Winter

A month's worth of practices to explore the many moods and meanings of winter, including its pristine beauty and its many opportunities for playfulness.

The great Christian monk Thomas Merton once compared the spiritual life to the search for a path in a field of untrodden snow: “Walk across the snow and there is your path.”

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Stations of the Cross: Confronting and Contemplating Climate Change

A practice for individuals and churches

You can “walk” these stations by practicing one station per day, from March 20 through Good Friday, April 2 – or at any other time or manner during Lent (Ash Wednesday, February 17, until Easter Sunday, April 4).  

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Exploration, A Field Manual For A Faithful, Renewing Community

Many people have left the church, or never entered it at all, because they think it is irrelevant. Some people have stayed in the church, not knowing why, because they think it is irrelevant. Those two groups are the people for whom I wrote this manual.

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Man With an Attitude: A Handbook of Life Challenges from the Jesus Story: A Personal Growth and Parenting Guide

This book provides the opportunity to consider and examine one’s life choices by becoming familiar with the attitudes of a famous leader. Any accomplished and admired leader could have been chosen, but the author chose the first century man Jesus, using the work of contemporary historians and scholars.

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My Resources for Churches

(and everyone else!)

Every so often, I put out a “musing” that is a guide to my writings and videos. It’s that time when churches make plans for their program year, so this is a good moment to share links to my materials for worship, study, and spiritual practice.  Use freely.  All I ask is attribution!

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The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have

By Mark Nepo

Philosopher-poet and cancer survivor Mark Nepo opens a new season of freedom and joy—an escape from deadening, asleep-at-the wheel sameness—that is both profound and clarifying.

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The Thinking Christian: Twenty-Three Pathways of Awareness

The practice of Christianity is going through a transition that is deeper than the Reformation. The Thinking Christian explores two main questions:

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Staring at Bread: Making communion a spiritual practice

Annually, for several years, I visited the monastery of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, a beautiful compound north of downtown Tucson. I was amazed at the physical, mental, and spiritual liveliness of these mostly older women, and the level of their engagement with the world despite their mostly cloistered way of life.

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A Year of Kabir

Each day you will receive a different email message from this enlightened hot mind. Every day the one who is eternally alive will throw a ray of his light into the depths of your life. Every day a different facet of the comprehensive revelation I have described will flash its brilliance into your soul.

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Spiritual resources about racism and the global protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death

  Here are some of our resources about racism and the global protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death while being restrained by police in Minneapolis on May 25. We hope that you find them helpful. …

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Retreat At Home

As many of us spend more time in the virtual world and centers pivot to create supportive online offerings, we discover it is possible to share love, learning and connection in this way.

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The Great Event: Dark Night and Rebirth

I hold in my consciousness two previously unimaginable opposites; on the one hand the possible even likely extinction of humanity and on the other, the potential for our unimaginable birth of a new embodied divine humanity, the mutation realized and resplendent.

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Staying Connected to our spirituality during difficult times

One stays close to one’s spirituality during chaotic times first by staying connected to one’s body.  And therefore the earth and the cosmos.  It is very important to put things into context and the context for our existence is not the chaos and even evil that is swirling about us.

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Saturday Morning Services, rB-style.


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Meditations on Stress Relief

During our shelter-in-place it is feels right to gather in Community. So with the help of The Grand Council, Diane and I decided to offer a series of FREE fireside chats and meditations called: Wednesday Evenings with The Grand Council

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Healing Resources from Andrew Harvey

Anyone who isn’t prepared to do the intense work that is required to become love in action, is allowing the dark to destroy the planet.

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Spiritual Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic

An index of resources posted each day on the Spirituality & Practice homepage — practices, readings, films, quotes, and more to help you navigate these times.

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