Lent – Easter – Passiontide – Pentecost

Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost do not form three seasons. The Easter season celebrates the three dimensions of the resurrection, ascension, and the sending of the Spirit.

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Spring is Coming: Resources for Lent

Even and especially in these difficult times, the Lenten journey can be an encouraging, enlightening path to hope, resilience, and new life.

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Intercessions for Yarram

This intercession was written for Holy Trinity Anglican Church Yarram, South Gippsland, Australia.

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Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Q&A with Rev. Deshna Shine

There are also many scientific studies that show words have energy and can affect living beings being spoken to. Plants exposed to kind words grow more and are healthier than ones who experience silence or negative words.

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Soul Journeys

Christian Spirituality and Shamanism as Pathways for Wholeness and Understanding

What can Christianity learn from Shamanism? What can Shamanism learn from Christianity? The conversation starts here…

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Start a daily practice to restore you to balance

With Andrew Harvey

40 days & 40 nights:
A Journey of Prayer and Contemplation

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Original Blessing

I was blessed at birth
And have struggled to reclaim the blessing
In my innocence, I was loved unconditionally
Simply for being me,

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Ashes to Ashes, Dawn to Dawn

For all of you grieving the loss of someone you love — whether this loss occurred last week, last year, or decades ago — I hope you find some comfort in these words, too. I hope you have the courage to tell the truth about your loved one: the good, the bad, and the complex. And that you don’t break faith with the full spectrum of your feeling, from mourning to dancing.

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A Communion Liturgy for Pentecost Sunday

Written by John van de Laar © Sacredise Publishing (Sacredise.com)

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A Prayer for the Day of Crucifixion

O God, let us take in the moment of this day of crucifixion, not remembering it in the context of what came after it, but how it left Jesus’ disciples and followers in tragic sadness and heart-wrenched disillusionment.

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A Good Friday Prayer

On a Friday a little over 2000 years ago Love was hung from a tree, nailed to a cross because of sin, and God I am not sure how the whole world didn’t come apart that day, I don’t know how the whole cosmo’s didn’t collapse.

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Narcissistic Prayer versus the Lord’s Prayer

Can prayers be narcissistic? A great many prayers are in the first person, like the laments in the Psalms. “God help me, rescue me, forgive me, heal me” are typical petitions in the first person. But praying for oneself can become narcissism when concern for oneself supersedes loving our neighbors. 

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Stations of the Cross: Confronting and Contemplating Climate Change

A practice for individuals and churches

You can “walk” these stations by practicing one station per day, from March 20 through Good Friday, April 2 – or at any other time or manner during Lent (Ash Wednesday, February 17, until Easter Sunday, April 4).  

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My Resources for Churches

(and everyone else!)

Every so often, I put out a “musing” that is a guide to my writings and videos. It’s that time when churches make plans for their program year, so this is a good moment to share links to my materials for worship, study, and spiritual practice.  Use freely.  All I ask is attribution!

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Listening for Wisdom

We tune our hearing to silence.
We wait on the source of being.
Our minds release the roar of thoughts.

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Healing Resources from Andrew Harvey

Anyone who isn’t prepared to do the intense work that is required to become love in action, is allowing the dark to destroy the planet.

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Spiritual Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic

An index of resources posted each day on the Spirituality & Practice homepage — practices, readings, films, quotes, and more to help you navigate these times.

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Prayers of the Cosmos: Meditations on the Aramaic Words of Jesus

By Neil Douglas-Klotz

Neil Douglas-Klotz offers a radical new translation of the words of Jesus Christ with Prayers of the Cosmos. Reinterpreting the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes from the vantage of Middle Eastern mysticism.

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