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Was Jesus a real person?

Q&A With Dr. Karl Krieg

The entire existence of Jesus is therefore based on a Jewish legend developed by Jewish preachers. Am I missing something?

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Atheist in the United Church

“Can you explain how you can be an atheist and a United Church minister?”

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Critical Race Theory

Q&A With Brian McLaren

How can I get through to my friends and relatives who have been activated by Fox News and other extremist media to be afraid of Critical Race Theory? They don’t even know what CRT is, but they sure are afraid of it.

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Understanding the story about Lazarus and the rich man

Q&A With Rev. James Burklo

As a progressive Christian, how should one read and understand the story about Lazarus and the rich man?

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Do progressives believe in the resurrection?

Q&A With Rev. Irene Monroe

Do progressives believe in the resurrection? Sometimes, without hope in my sins being forgiven, I don’t think I could have emotionally coped.

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Bishop Spong on “What is Faith”

Q&A With Bishop John Shelby Spong

What do we mean by the word “faith?”  People, who would dismiss us as anti-intellectual, ridicule faith with the presumption that it means believing in things that are hard to believe in or believing in things that are contrary to known facts. 

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On being “Born Again” — or else!

Q&A With Rev. David Felten

My cousin is pressuring me to become “Born Again.” She says that it’s the only way to guarantee not being punished in hell for all eternity. That seems like a pretty harsh consequence for not uttering what seems like “magic words.”

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What is the difference between God’s will and my will?

Q&A With Toni Reynolds

What is the difference between God’s will and my will? Sometimes I feel like I can’t discern the difference between the two.

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The existence, activity and power of the individual soul/spirit after death

Q&A WIth Lauren Van Ham

What are your thoughts on the existence, activity and power of the individual soul/spirit after death?

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What does salvation mean in Progressive Christianity?

Q&A WIth Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers

Growing up and attending a southern Baptist church, I was constantly aware of the term salvation. I am now, thankfully, attending a more progressive and open minded church (PCUSA), but still hear this word. I have never been comfortable with this term and would like to know how you see salvation and what it actually means in progressive Christianity.

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What does it mean when people say that God is within me?

Q&A with Rev. Mark Sandlin

I was brought up to understand that we meet God in church. What is it supposed to mean when people say that God is within me? I don’t think I’ve found that to be true.

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229 Christians Missionary Hoax

Q&A With Rev. David Felten

I received this from a friend. It is true. I am forwarding the message to you because there are 1,000s who are about to lose their lives. Please pray fervently that this horrific plan will be thwarted. Pray for confusion on the part of the enemy. I’m so saddened to hear this.

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Church members need help navigating our rapidly changing world.

Q&A With Rev. Roger Wolsey

With the influx of so much contradictory information coming at us today, why are churches and religious leaders not doing more to help their members navigate the rapidly changing world we live in? 

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Must you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior?

Q&A with Skylar Wilson

Do your beliefs include that you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior in order to go to heaven; and, in the end, those who do not accept Christ, no matter how much good they have done on earth, will go to hell?

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How do you deal with the suffering we experience as humans?

Q&A With Rev. Deshna Shine

Everything is complex and sometimes things that seem “bad” or hard, challenging, frightening, un-grounding, unknown, or tragic in the moment lead to amazing things later that we can not predict. Sometimes, the suffering in the moment leads to evolution down the line that may not even be noticed or seen.

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A Crisis of Faith Question

Q&A with Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox

How can Christians get a firm foundation with scripture that has been influenced by the spirit of political influence by Kings and Popes and transcriptionists who were influenced by governments? A bit of a crisis of faith here. Can there still be a Divine Jesus without true historical knowledge of Him?

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What *did* Jesus do and say?

Q&A With Dr. Carl Krieg

Accepting that the Gospel accounts of events in Jesus and the disciples’ lives are nonhistorical creations intended to reach Jews in a traditional Jewish liturgical framework,  what *did* Jesus do and say that made the God’s presence in human life so clear to his followers?

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Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Q&A with Rev. Deshna Shine

There are also many scientific studies that show words have energy and can affect living beings being spoken to. Plants exposed to kind words grow more and are healthier than ones who experience silence or negative words.

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