Holding Beauty in My Soul’s Arms: Awakening To At-One-Ment: Volume I

Holding Beauty in My Soul’s Arms is a book for many on the journey toward deeper spiritual formation. It offers a resting place where we may pause and savor the riches of scripture, tradition, and reason as well as postmodern psychology, ethics, cultural studies and systems theory…

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Outlaw Christian: Finding Authentic Faith by Breaking the ‘Rules’

Jacqueline Bussie knows that too many Christians live according to unspoken “laws” that govern the Christian life: #1: Never get angry at God; #2: Never doubt; #3: Never question; #4: Never tell your real story; #5: Always speak in clichés about evil and suffering; and #6: Always believe hope comes easy for those who truly love God.

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Pre-Post-Racial America: Spiritual Stories from the Front Lines

The day’s news and the ways we treat each other, overtly or subliminally, prove we are not yet living in post-racial America. It’s hard to talk about race in America without everyone very quickly becoming defensive and shutting down.

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Black Prophetic Fire

An unflinching look at nineteenth- and twentieth-century African American leaders and their visionary legacies.

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Halos on Afros: Radical Black Feminist & Womanist Thoughts On the Divine

Sociologist and Critical Race Theorist, Nikki Blak & Cultural Anthropologist and Theologian, EbonyJanice have joined forces, once again, to bring to you all the blackity black woman truth and perspective on the divine.

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Jesus’ Women Disciples

It is commonly assumed that Jesus had 12 male disciples, the number being fashioned after the 12 tribes of Israel. Whether or not there were 12 tribes named after 12 men is a question for next week. The question for today is: did Jesus have women disciples, and who were they?

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One for the Road – a Search for Faith in a Sceptical Age

As suggested by the title, the book takes a progressive approach to religion, seeing the critical biblical analysis of the past 200 years and the discoveries of science as friends rather than enemies in the ongoing quest for truth.

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Drugs, Race, and Prisons

Unfortunately, putting non-violent offenders and drug users in jail has become so profitable that we continue to incarcerate more and more people and we keep them in prison for longer and longer sentences.

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Hate Will Never Be Conquered By Anger

Ignorance will never be defeated with judgment.

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Does Divinity Shape My World?

Oh yes, I meditate. I have genuflected and even made the sign of the cross on occasion.  But, I wonder, do these salutations assure me of clear Divinity or not? I would call these functionary activities some semblance of being one with Spirit!

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Compassion for the ‘Other’: The Narrow Gate to Heaven on Earth

Reflection before the start of mass at St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church, Minneapolis

“Those now last will be first, and those now first will be last.”

Let me just be honest and say that this was hard for me to read, if not a bit repugnant as it goes against everything I have come to understand about Jesus as an open and inclusive teacher who frequently transgressed conventional norms that were exclusionary.

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The Shack

By William P. Young

After his daughter’s murder, a grieving father confronts God with desperate questions — and finds unexpected answers — in this riveting and deeply moving #1 NYT bestseller.

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Zero Theology

Escaping Belief through Catch-22s

In “ZeroTheology”, John Tucker argues that not only can one be a Christian without holding any traditional beliefs but that one can only be a Christian by getting out of religious belief altogether.

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The White Response to Botham Jean and Amber Guyger

This week many of us were moved by Brandt Jean, the brother of Botham Jean, when he told his brother’s killer, Amber Guyger, that he forgives her, and then came off the stand and hugged her in the courtroom.

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This 13-Year-Old Indigenous Girl Has Been Nominated for a Global Peace Prize

Autumn Peltier is promoting the protection of sacred waters across the world.

Autumn Peltier already has years of advocacy behind her. She’s met the prime minister, she’s attended the Assembly of First Nations Annual General Assembly and she’s marched on the highway in the name of water protection. At just 13 years old, Peltier is now a nominee for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

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God Is a Question, Not an Answer

Finding Common Ground in Our Uncertainty

Uncertainty is the essence of the human condition, and nothing is more uncertain than God. Yet passions run hot when it comes to God, both among believers and non-believers.

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Evangelicalism and the Decline of American Politics

Beginning in the 1970s evangelical Christians decided to become involved in our nation’s political life by becoming Republican partisans. Today they are widely considered the Republican Party’s most reliable constituency. In the process American politics has become more bitter, chaotic, divisive, and now dysfunctional.

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The Comforting Illusion: Lifting the Veil on Organized Religion

So much of popular religion is simply a collection of ancient superstitions and old campfire stories. Even Pope Francis has told the Church that God is not a “wizard,” and we need to stop thinking that God is a magical being.

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