Book Review: “On Repentance And Repair” by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

I had long silently harboured a deep foundational belief that what the Church taught about forgiveness was wrong. My experiences of it being used by various Christian people, as well as the Church, against me to guilt me, reinforced it.

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Coming Home

So it was a great irony that some of the most homeful people in Palo Alto were the houseless.  And some of the most homeless people in Silicon Valley were the housed. 

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Tim Scott’s homophobic party queries him

Tim Scott is running for president. It’s an impressive feat as the only African American Republican in today’s U.S. Senate and the first Southern Black senator since Reconstruction.

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Discipline, Obedience, Accountability – OH MY!

There are a few words I have had “allergies” to over the years. Words like discipline, obedience, and accountability. Some have a more intense allergic reaction than others, such as difficulty breathing, maybe getting itchy or nauseous. Of course I jest, yet they are words that have produced some measure of tension in my body because of previous life experiences.

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My Very Own Church Conflict

If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone. If the member listens to you, you have regained that one. But if you are not listened to, take one or two others along with you, so that every word may be confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnesses. + Matthew 18:15-16

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Knowledge – Progressive Christianity

The world is full of people promising ‘instant enlightenment’ or writing self-help books on ‘Happiness Now!’ Some claim to have a hotline to God which no one else possesses, or a special insight which no one else has received. Anyone who claims to know it all, probably knows very little.

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Beyond Big Fundy

Meeting the Moment for Progressive Christianity

There’s a lot of criticism about Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Business.  And there’s been plenty of talk for decades about the dangers of the military-industrial complex. What about Big Fundy? We should name it for what it is: the fundamentalist-industrial complex.

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How to Make Love (The Agape Kind) With Jesus

This book will help you examine your beliefs–where they came from, whether they are still applicable today, how they have changed over the years–and decide what new directions you might want to pursue.

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World Day of Prayer for Creation

September 1 begins the Season of Creation

From September 1 to October 4, Christians around the world mark the Season of Creation, a relatively recent development in the liturgical calendar.

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On the Taming of White Christian Nationalism

The rise of Christian nationalism is a worldwide problem. In the United States, it begins with the idea that God chose America, that we as a nation are especially blessed.

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God and the Luminous Web

  The luminous web.  What quantum physics suggests is that everything in life–molecules, particles, and sub-atomic particles–is inter-connected.  We are all caught up in an infinite web of relationships.  Indeed, as human beings–as inherently social people–each of …

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Does anybody know what time it is?

How about the “me” that I think I am? Is that a constant? Not really. The person that I thought I was a decade or two ago, is not totally the person I think I am today.

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Who Stole My Bible?

Reclaiming Scripture as a Handbook for Resisting Tyranny

The Bible has been hijacked. We’ve all seen examples of sacred scripture being used and abused to justify racism, sexism, reactionary politics, and even violence.

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Dancing in the Darkness

Spiritual Lessons for Thriving in Turbulent Times

Moss takes the words from our ancient Scriptures and prophetically applies them to our most urgent moral battles and choices; in ways that makes the Bible come alive again.

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Fierce Love

A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World

We are living in a world divided. Race and ethnicity, caste and color, gender and sexuality, class and education, religion and political party have all become demographic labels that reduce our differences to simplistic categories in which “we” are vehemently against “them.”

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Heavenly LGBTQ+

Queer Icons from LGBTQ Life, Religion and History

Heavenly LGBTQ+ highlights the role of LGBTQ+ people in the Russia-Ukraine war and puts it into a broader context.

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Come Holy Spirit

Using Our Spiritual Gifts to Change the World

Do you feel your spiritual life is dry, ineffectual, and lifeless? Ready for new, life-changing experiences? Take a deep dive into a life-changing book.

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God on Psychedelics

Tripping Across the Rubble of Old-Time Religion

Why do relatively few people in the burgeoning psychedelic renaissance connect chemically induced  mystical states with their own religious traditions?

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