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Progressive Christianity and Jesus

Fred Plumer, President of, talks about the meaning of the life of Jesus and who Jesus is for the progressive Christian movement.

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What Is Progressive Christianity?

Fred Plumer, President of, answers the question “What is progressive Christianity?”

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The Evil We Do To Fit In – sermon video

The beheading of John the Baptist

“Take sides, because neutrality always serves the oppressor and never the oppressed. Your silence will always be interpreted as consent. There is no honor in remaining neutral in matters of ethical importance. Always taking the middle ground doesn’t make you smart, it doesn’t make you fair, it doesn’t make you balanced, and it certainly doesn’t make you innocent.”

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Swing Wide The Doors: From Christian Fundamentalism To An Inclusive Spirituality

On this summer Sunday, Mark Andrew Alward shares about his fundamentalist Christian background, which included countless church services and immersing himself in the Christian sub-culture. He shares how, near the end of Bible College, he eventually questioned and then rejected many of the tenets of fundamentalist Christianity. He concludes my sharing a new vision of what Christianity could be today and the beliefs he holds dear.

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Paul Knitter on John Hick

Paul F. Knitter on his experience of John Hick.

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Clip from “A View from the Underside”

A View from the Underside: The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a one-person play adapted and performed by Al Staggs that brings the life of one of the great heroes of the twentieth century to the stage.

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A Theology of Compassion

Madison Shockley is is Pastor of the Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, California. Here he describes his presentation at the 2009 Compassion & Choices Symposium held in Washington, DC September 13-14.

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Making Sense of Resurrection

A video of a sermon by Madison Shockley

Charter for Compassion

Join us by signing the Charter for Compassion!

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