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Madison, What Did You Do With Your Baptism?

Recorded Sunday January 8, 2012 at Pilgrim UCC in Carlsbad, CA.
Pilgrim UCC is an Open and Affirming member of the United Church of Christ.

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A Joyful Path, Year One. Informational Video

Thoughtful, progressive, inclusive, compassionate, intelligent, and non-dogmatic children’s curriculum.

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A Woman’s Choice

Rev. Madison Shockley II
A sermon on a topic ripped from the headlines.

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Talking About Trinity, Monotheism and Panenthism – sermon video

The god-of-the-gaps, that creation of superstition and magic, that combination of pre-science simplicity, is not what draws us here.
We’re not trying to get in touch with the god who helps us to find a parking place at the mall or make it rain on our vegetable garden. And yet, people are terribly afraid to give up on the institutional religious packaging that first introduced us to the god-of-the-gaps.

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Peter Kennedy’s First Year in Exile

This interview with rebel Catholic priest, Peter Kennedy, took place almost exactly 12 months after his departure from St Mary’s Parish in South Brisbane. Since leaving, he and his followers have formed a congregation outside the Catholic Church that they call St Mary’s-in-Exile.

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