2020 Election Season Briefing: Faith Leaders Call For Moral Courage Now

“Each of us does have a role to play regardless of our position within organizations… as people of faith who carry a certain moral energy with us. The only thing that would be wrong would be to fail to name evil as we see it (in the possible chaos that might ensue) on November 4th, and to abandon our vision of a just world.”
– Dr. Keisha McKenzie, Auburn Senior Vice President


The multifaith movement for justice is not a small group of individuals — we overlap and intersect with many beautiful, thoughtful, committed individuals like you.

On October 22, 2020, Auburn President, Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson joined Dr. Keisha McKenzie and Dr. Sharon Groves from Auburn’s program team in conversation with Auburn Senior Fellows Stosh Cotler (CEO, Bend the Arc) and Rev. Brian McLaren (Activist and Public Theologian).

Watch below as these five faith and justice leaders discuss how they are preparing for November 3rd election and for the aftermath that may follow. How do we help keep our communities safe? What will our responses communicate to the world about who we are? And how will we leverage the outcome of the election to build a better world?

Between the pandemic, elections, uprisings, and the many natural disasters impacting our planet, we’ve been in a protracted liminal space for a long time. Yes, we are weary, but we remain hopeful and committed to building the multifaith multiracial democracy that has never been but yet could be.

As we close the days of this election season, Auburn brought together four faith and justice leaders to discuss how they are preparing for November 3rd and for the aftermath that may follow.
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