A Good Friday Prayer

Liberating God,

On a Friday a little over 2000 years ago Love was hung from a tree, nailed to a cross because of sin, and God I am not sure how the whole world didn’t come apart that day, I don’t know how the whole cosmo’s didn’t collapse. Today on this Friday it feels like the world might come apart, and that all may be lost. On this day we murdered Love simply for loving us. Yet Love not only defeated death on this day, but offers us a way to the Easter Dawn. Help us to remember that today is a day where you answered death and brokenness once and for all. That even now seperated by intentional compassionate distancing you are weaving us and these hard days into the story of salvation that started on a Friday like today, where all seems hopeless. O God you still step into human history for the purpose of liberation for us, your handcrafted people. We call on you on this Friday, we your people need you.


Author Rev Lenny Duncan

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