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At Death’s Door: And Other Tales

Printed together with several short inspirational works, At Death’s Door is a fictitious account of a meeting between a dying man and an old fellow who just might be God! Age-old questions are discussed candidly, and modern issues are explored in the light of the gospel of universal love. In this story, philosophy meets theology, and human love meets divine love.

This book represents a departure from the traditional emphasis on sin and punishment, and invites the reader to embrace the deeper truth of the goodness and beauty which grace imbues in every human life!

The verb “to baptize” means “to plunge or immerse”. To be baptized into Christ is to be immersed into both the person and the process who is Jesus Christ. In At Death’s Door and Other Tales, Joe Pugh reveals his long immersion—or perhaps better his and ongoing marination—in the Christ and the Christ Event. I recommend this book. ~ Rev. John J. Newns, St. Ann Parish

About the Author

Joe Pugh has undergraduate degrees in Social Work and Accounting, as well as a minor in Philosophy. He has volunteered in various ministries, both religious and secular, over the past 30 years. He is divorced with three adult kids and lives with his partner, Denis, in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

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