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Authors who have broadened our understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus

Think back to the moments when your ideas of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus began to expand. Who helped to broaden your horizons? Diana Butler Bass? Marcus Borg? Phyllis Tickle? John Dominic Crossan? Yvette Flunder? John Shelby Spong? How have you nourished your search for truth since those first moments? We hope that the resources that provides have helped you continue to expand your definitions of what Christianity is and should become.

The truth is that in order to continue the momentum of the Progressive Christian Movement, we need your help and support. Unfortunately, fundamentalist Christians often have the loudest voices and it is more important than ever before to have an organization like that proclaims an authentic, intellectually honest faith.

Over the next year, we would like to expand our resource offerings and continue to help you hear from established and emerging Progressive Christian thinkers, but we need your help to be able to do so. If you believe in the work that we’re doing, we invite you to consider becoming a supporting member. Your gifts really do make a difference.

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.The Origins of the Bible (Old & New Testament)
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