Beyond the Boxes We Create

From the Boundless Life collection

Beyond the boxes we create,

Beyond each image we can spawn

The process river flows along

To sweep aside the now outworn.


O mythic God you slowly die

With all your intervening ways

But mystery now embraces all

And fills our hearts with cosmic praise.


Each cosmic process holds a key

For all our morals and our art.

The ordered mysteries they contain

Can act as guides for mind and heart.


“Reflect how nature works” said Christ

“Allowing time for work and rest.            (i)

Reflect on all that life could hold

When moderation shapes your quest”.  (ii)


When atoms join and life gives birth

We see the advent of what’s new.

Imagination was the path

That shaped the way compassion grew.


The sacred calls us to rejoice

In all the cosmic tale contains.

We join its living web of sound

To echo its melodic strains.


(i) Genesis 2/2, Matthew 6/26-28
(ii) Matthew 5/5, 6/2-4, 6/19-21, Luke 6/24-25


NOTE on verse 3. This is not meant to imply that the processes of the Cosmos are always simple but nevertheless human beings need to learn from them and work within them. 

 Tune:  Von Himmel Hoch

Text © William Livingstone Wallace.

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