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Lemurian Connections: Using Ancient Wisdom to Solve Today’s Problems

From many years of Lemurian Fellowship experience come these glimpses of Lemurian history, personal experiences, and compassionate encouragement for any of us in our struggles with life’s problems.

In the wisdom of the highly advanced individual Robert Stelle and the discoveries of Lemurian Fellowship students you will find much to stir your imagination and spark your interest in the great Plan of the Lemurian Mystery School now unfolding through its channel, the Lemurian Fellowship.

The Table of Contents chapter headings in this 166-page book are:

* Ancient Wisdom
* Personal Development
* Happiness and Well-Being
* Receiving and Giving
* Overcoming Fear
* Virtue
* Lemurian Life
A Resources section is also included.

Since 1936 The Lemurian Fellowship, headquartered in Ramona, California, has spread these teachings to individuals longing to fulfill their true place in life, build noble character, and find inner peace and satisfaction.


This book speaks to the Millennial and younger generations

This book is based a collection of blog posts which the Lemurian Fellowship (LF) members and students have written on the LF website. (Just google Lemurian Fellowship and you can easily pull up the website.) I really enjoyed all the very practical stories by people who shared how they applied the LF principles and philosophy in their real-life, real-world day-to-day experiences. In my opinion, this sharing of how to really apply the philosophy, in a practical sense, is truly invaluable and shares great wisdom for all of us. This book also provides a great overview and introduction to this very practical philosophy.

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