List of Lessons A Joyful Path: Years One, Two and Three


Year One

1. The Nameless One, Who or What is God?
2. A Teacher of the Way, Who Was Jesus
3. The Stories of our Tradition, The Bible and how we use it
4. A Pocket Full of Coins, Discovering Divine Energy
5. Worms, Snails, and Fairies!, God in Nature
6. Nathan Leaves Home, Remembering God’s Presence
 7. The Monkey and the Well, Concentrating Our Energy
8. The Confusing Coat,  Learning from Mistakes
9. The Dangerous Road, Connecting with Kindness
10. A Basket Full of Love, Sharing
11. Who Is In-Charge?, Self-control
12. A Drop of Water,  Stillness
13. The Magic Potion, Learning Patience
14. The New Neighborhood, Experiencing the Oneness of All Through Service
15. Brother Wolf, Being an Instrument for Blessing
16. Touching the Moon, Practicing Humility
17. The Greedy Gambler, Non-Greed
18. Nothing Fancy, What is Success?
19. Dangerous Trips, Willpower
20. Courageous Corrie, Courage
21. Wild Mountain John, Filling Our Minds with Goodness
22. Monica’s Complicated Quilt, Opening Our Hearts in Prayer
23. The Falling Sky, Accessing Sacred Guidance
24. Pulling Back the Curtain, Infinite Possibilities in Each Moment
25. Rachel Dreams of the Sea, Expanding Awareness
26. A Heavy Load, Letting Go-Living Joyfully in the Moment
27. A Lion in the Garden, Forgiving and Healing
28. The Changeless Spirit, Security
29. 6,000 Tries! Perseverance
30. Do Unto Others, Truthfulness
31. A Choice, Willingness
32. On Love, Inclusion
33. Are Two Words Enough?, Expressing Gratitude
34. Blind Eyes See, Experiencing God as Light</spa
35. The Lonely Shepherd, Experiencing God as Joy
36. The Christmas Surprise, Experiencing God as Love
37. Standing Tall, Palm Sunday
38. New Life, Easter

Year One Stories Used:

8 Derived from the Bible
4 Legends of Christian saints
9 Adapted from folktales
5 Biographical
2 Original tales by Lorna Knox

Year Two

Unit 1 The Path and Teachings of Jesus
• Lesson 1: Experience of Community
• Lesson 2: Experience of Joy
• Lesson 3: Experience of Transcendence
Unit 2 Many Ways
• Lesson 1: Hinduism
• Lesson 2: Buddhism
• Lesson 3: Islam
• Lesson 4: Judaism
• Lesson 5: Indigenous Unit 3 Inclusive of All
• Lesson 1: What is Family?
• Lesson 2: People in the Neighborhood
• Lesson 3: The New Tribe
• Lesson 4: No Boundaries
Unit 4 How We Behave
• Lesson 1: Clara Barton — Comfort to Others
• Lesson 2: Desmond Tutu — Forgiving Others
• Lesson 3: Mary — Acting With Love
• Lesson 4: Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller — Compassion and Trust
• Lesson 5: Mother Teresa — Doing Something Beautiful for God
• Lesson 6: Young People — Giving Generously
Unit 5 Search for Understanding
• Lesson 1: Asking Questions
• Lesson 2: Bible
• Lesson 3: The Parable of Jesus
Unit 6 Peace and Justice
• Lesson 1: Mohandas Gandhi — Great Soul, Justice Through Nonviolent Resistance
• Lesson 2: Thich Nhat Hanh — Peace Activist
• Lesson 3: Mildred Norman Ryder — Peace Pilgrim
• Lesson 4: Wangari Maathai — Tree Mother of Africa
Unit 7 Integrity of the Earth
• Lesson 1: Enjoying the Planet
• Lesson 2: Respecting the Natural World
• Lesson 3: Rhythms and Balances
• Lesson 4: Stuff
• Lesson 5: Caring for Mother Earth
• Lesson 6: The Universe
Unit 8 Lifelong Learning
• Lesson 1: Learning/Exploration/Discovery
• Lesson 2: Open to Change
• Lesson 3: Creativity
• Lesson 4: Selfless Love
• Lesson 5: Personal Power
• Lesson 6: Developing An Inner Life


Year Two Topics Covered:

The Teachings Of Jesus
How We Treat Others
The Search for Understanding
Peace and Social Justice
The Integrity of the Earth
Life-Long Learning and Selfless Love


Year Three

Week 1 Thanksgiving Address — Story: Wambleeska And His Gratitude
Week 2 Autumn Nature Crafting And Ritual Preparation
Week 3 Autumn Ritual Celebration
Week 4 Praying With Creation — Story: Makai Prays With The Ocean
Week 5 Trees As Teachers And Family — Story: My Best Friend Is A Tree
Week 6 Protecting Earth And Right Relationship With Earth
Story: What Are We Going To Do With The Time Given To Us?
Week 7 Growing Food, Growing Community — Story: Growing Community
Week 8 Death Is A Part Of The Cycle Of Life — Story: Grandad Died
Week 9 Ancestors — Story: Makai Listens For Her Kupuna (Ancestors)
Week 10 Every Creature Is Full Of God — Story: Wolf And Sheep
Week 11 Every One Of Us Is A Mystic —Story: Am I A Mystic Too?
Week 12 Every One Of Us Is A Prophet — Story: I Have To Do Something!
Week 13 My Unique Gift — Story: I Am A Water Keeper!
Week 14 Everyone Dreams — Story: I Dream Of A Better World
Week 15 Winter Nature Crafting And Ritual Preparation
Week 16 Winter Ritual Celebration
Week 17 Awe And Wonder — Story: I Am In Awe Of This Universe!
Week 18 Deep Time And Story Telling — Story: Lily Dreams Of Ancient Times
Week 19 Our Bodies As Home And Temple — Story: My Body Is My Temple
Week 20 Brave Love — Story: Hot Winds Cannot Touch You
Week 21 Rise Up — Story: Don’t Abandon Your Post
Week 22 Acts Of Kindness — Story: A Letter To Judy, Signed A Friendly Neighbor
Week 23 Belonging To The Land — Story: Wolf Woman And Belonging To The Land
Week 24 It’s Ok To Be Angry — Story: Sometimes My Light Is Fire!
Week 25 Black Lives Matter —Story: Black Lives Matter To Me So I March
Week 26 Grief Is A Part Of Living And Loving — Story: I Grieve Because I Love
Week 27 Spring Nature Crafting And Ritual Preparation
Week 28 Spring Ritual And Celebration
Week 29 Infinite Well Of Love Within — Story: Love Bubbling Up Within Me
Week 30 My Locations — Story: Hand-Me-Downs
Week 31 Honorable Harvest — Story: Hello Friend
Week 32 Say Yes To Adventure — Story: I’m In!
Week 33 Healing Self And Planet — Story: How Can We Heal?
Week 34 Going With The Flow — Story: No Lemon Pancakes?!
Week 35 Re-Wilding — Story: Into The Wild!
Week 36 Being A Blessing To Others — Story: Blessings In The Forest
Week 37 Summer Nature Crafting And Ritual Preparation
Week 38 Summer Ritual And Celebration

Year Three lessons reflect and draw upon the 4 seasons:
* Suggestions for personal and group reflection (the instructor, the students and the students in community with one another);
* Resources to expand awareness to other cultures, religions and ways of knowing;
* Practices to invite spiritual discovery, awareness and application;
embodied activities for direct encounters and experience;
* Brainstorms for further action and engagement with the community;
rituals for celebrating the gifts Earth provides in each of the 4 seasons; and
* Ceremonies to explore gratitude, engagement/being in the struggling, peace-making, and forgiveness.



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