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Me, Jesus, a Beer and a Cigar

With the backdrop of a pandemic, the George Floyd murder, and an incredibly divisive political climate, Dickinson shares thoughts for everyday living that are designed to shake the normalcy of Christians, non-Christians and fence-sitters alike.

We all fight for normalcy – or whatever we believe that is.  We seek it.  We long for it.  But we often can’t define it.  In Me, Jesus, a Beer, and a Cigar, Dickinson suggests that we may not be asking the right questions or even thinking the correct thoughts.  Perhaps abnormal is better

Dickinson encourages the reader to seek the abnormal, embrace the uncomfortable and find the truth.  Be intentional.  Move from advocate to activist.

The thoughts present situations often in a starkly different way than many choose to view life, not to mention how they view their own faith and Christianity: Why taking a knee during the national anthem to say a prayer may honor the flag and not desecrate it; how a young man growing up in the projects falls into a scenario that forces a conservative White family to question the taboo of abortion; and how reaching out to a family in need at Christmas may not be the perfect answer for joyful giving. Sit back. Prepare for the abnormal. Prepare to be uncomfortable.

Bob Dickinson is a veteran media and business development executive who has written corporately for various sports and entertainment companies. Since 2015, he has operated his own business development firm with a penchant for advocacy, as well as a foundation that focuses on STEAM education and sports.

In 2020-21, he authored the Jeremiah James weekly blog and periodically contributed to Like the Dew: A Journal of Progressive Southern Culture and Politics. He is active in various faith-based ministries, including One Race and Bridging the Gap. Dickinson lives in the greater Atlanta area.

He is currently working on a book of political allegory short stories and a play. We all fight for normalcy-or whatever we believe that is. We seek it. We long for it. But we often can’t define it.



This book, Me, Jesus, a Beer and a Cigar is a collection of easy to read stories that every reader should be able to relate to. Each story brings you back to a simpler time and place, that story has a way of helping you to recognize why there are so many issues in our country today. At the same time, it asks you to examine yourself. Recognize, decide, and do something (if required) that will improve your life, your community, and yes, our country. This book shows you what small actions you can take that will make our world such a better place. – J. Spruill

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is thought provoking and keeps the reader engaged. The author shares his personal thoughts and experiences, and encourages and promotes readers to examine their own beliefs and values. The format is great. The book kept me wanting to keep reading, The author promotes and inspires change and action! – Mary Jane Fridman

An easy to read book full of Bob’s personal insights into the recent troubling events. A gem of short stories about his fascinating life experiences and reflection, and the aspiration to make his life count for God and others. Bob’s invitation to reconsider the status quo and collective complacency is compelling and irresistible. – Shine

I found this book to be a very informative read! Bob weaves through his life’s experiences in an entertaining and captivating way. His intentional interactions with Black and White brothers add credibility to his theme about the importance of brotherhood as Jesus taught. I loved the dinner party comparisons and resonated with his thoughts about brotherhood. Bob is serious about making changes in his life for social justice and racial equality as best he can, and he inspires his readers to search their hearts and respond accordingly. Find inspiration from his creative analogies using a different writing style than most mainstream authors. Be sure to check out these stories: The Project, Race Competition, The Great Reveal, Man in the Crowd, and The Hammer. – Dan F. in Georgia

Bob Dickinson has written a wonderful book about how to challenge your thinking and view of the world. He adeptly forces the reader ask questions about how you view your life, and deal with challenges life throws at you. I highly recommend it, as I definitely learned that all that I’ve been taught may need to be appropriately scrutinized! – David L Thomas II

Great storyteller and finesse of a seasoned veteran writer. There is so much versatility and wit in his stories. Bob has had a very successful career in sports entertainment and has made a comfortable transition into the field of writing. Bob is a great storyteller who will make you feel a vast array of emotions. I enjoyed never knowing what my senses were going to feel from one story to the next. You will never feel monotony as you read and savor Me, Jesus, a Beer and a Cigar. – Cynthia Jones

Me, Jesus, a Beer, and a Cigar was a riveting, practical piece of literary excellence! The author, Bob Dickinson, shared some nuggets of wisdom on issues about family, racism, politics, business, and faith that everyone can apply to their lives to enrich and improve in the aforementioned areas! What I liked most about Bob’s book was his ability to weave his humor and years of experience in the sports entertainment world to provide practical application. Bottom line – you must purchase this book! – Quentin Jones

As I’m reading, sometimes I’m laughing, sometimes I’m wiping tears, sometimes I thinking deeply about myself and my relationships! This is a wonderful addition to my library! Grab a beer! – Bo Prosser


About the Author

Bob Dickinson is a veteran media and business development executive who has written corporately for various sports and entertainment companies, including those involving college, professional, and Olympic sports, motorsports and sports television. Since 2015, he has operated his own business development firm with a penchant for advocacy as well as a non-profit foundation that focuses on the science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) behind sports and entertainment. His faith walk has led him along the way to involvements with the One Race Movement Ministries, Bridging the Gap Men’s Fellowship, Partners in Change and various faith outreach programs. He periodically writes for Like the Dew – A Progressive Journal of Southern Culture and Politics. Dickinson and his wife live in the greater Atlanta area. He is currently working on a book of political allegory short stories and a play.

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