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The Refutation of Literalistic Creationism with Science

The Great Deep and its Ripples
So, let me see if I can summarize in a few words what thousands of books and articles have been written about over decades costing untold billions in research grants on phenomena taking fifteen billion years to happen after the “Big Bang”. The result of such research perhaps resulting in the end of civilization in the big “dang!” (nuclear war).  Here goes. Out of something, which is nothing, came something, which is also nothing, whose big goal is to get back into being the nothingness that it actually is. In its effort to return to nothingness, at temperatures of trillions of degrees, a sound so large that it condensed into particles without mass and was uttered as the primal scream. Like a clap of thunder shattering rain drops, particles with mass came from nowhere formed from light that has no mass. Photons squished together so tight and so hot that they exuded particles with mass and anti-mass. After only one billionth of a second the fight was over, all the matter and anti-matter duked it out and photons were finally set loose and set a veil over the cosmos called non-poetically the “cosmic microwave background radiation.” At this point, although there were plenty of photons everywhere, the percentage of particles relative to the volume of the universe was extremely small, as it still is. As things cooled, electrons fell from the darkness like snow.
Not too bad, I guess, as an attempt at poetry. Not quite as elegant as saying, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” (Genesis 1:1) According to modern cosmology the early universe was a dark deep, indeed. At this point in the universe, there were no stars, only darkness for hundreds of millions of years. Only a few surviving particles of hydrogen and helium spread throughout the void in a very uniform way was the testament to such a dramatic beginning. This itself was a problem.

Protons and helium uniformly spread throughout the universe have no inclination to begin to group together by gravity and form stars and subsequently elements. Something needed to shake things up and cause some gradient of density. Some sort of “quantum fluctuation”  seems to have occurred which caused the uniformly distributed protons and hydrogen to start glopping together to form clouds of dust and gas. As the clouds formed, gravity brought them together tighter and tighter. Gravity, the strangest of all forces, is the source of all megascopic material.

As things got tighter and tighter, protons began to fuse. Nuclear fusion began and the same light that formed the protons in the beginning was squeezed back out of them as the first stars were born. Finally, after half a billion years, there was light. Light in a sustained and constant source as stars. Not too bad, but, again, not as elegant as ‘And the Spirit of God moved upon the waters, and God said, ‘let there be light,’ and there was light.” (Genesis 1:2-3) Is the “Spirit of God” moving on the waters equivalent to the quantum fluctuations that caused the protons in the dark deep of the early universe causing the first stars to shine? This is my thesis: The first chapter of Genesis can be equated with modern science and physics. This is not an attempt to support “intelligent design” and certainly not the standard literalist concept. My thesis includes the idea that God is not supernatural but, natural. New science affirms the foundation of the stability of all these particles is based on the Zero Point Field where virtual particles maintain the energy levels of electrons and other particles. Even the smallest particles need to be nurtured in ordered to maintain their existence.
Elements and Stellar Forging
Now, here is an interesting thing. We are made of carbon, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and many other elements. We consist of basically everything that is in a good bag of fertilizer. If everything in the universe was initially just protons (hydrogen) and helium, how did we get any bigger atoms like carbon and calcium? The answer is “stellar forging”. We are made of star stuff.

When hydrogen protons fuse in the depths of stars, the result is helium. When helium, which consists of two protons in one nucleus, is fused together, a nucleus with four protons results. Four plus four is eight, four plus two is six and so on and this means heavier elements like carbon and oxygen and others. Needless to say, it is much more complicated than this, but this is the basic concept.

A star can only go so far before it uses up all its fuel, and then it explodes as a supernova. In doing so it spreads its dust and newly made elements all over the place and eventually all this dust gets incorporated into new stars and the elements get pounded into even heavier elements. After several generations of star formation and death as supernovas, elements like we now consist of came to be formed. Interestingly, elements heavier than iron could not be made even in the hearts of living stars. Only the bursts of the supernovas at their deaths are strong enough to make heavy elements like gold and others. All of this was the first “day”. Time in Genesis is not linear, it is exponential.
New science has also affirmed that energy is equivalent to information and consciousness. The reason fractal patterns exist at all levels throughout the universe at all scales is because the universe itself is a hologram. Even stranger, the so called Bekenstein’s bound says that all the information in a volume of space is not proportional to the volume of the space but is proportional to the surface area of the boundary of the space. All the information in the universe is on its boundary just like the interference patterns on a glass plate are the basis of a three dimensional hologram when a laser is shone on it.

Even stranger, the first law of thermodynamics says all energy is conserved and it is neither destroyed but only changes form. This energy in the universe that never changes exists as all the fundamental laws that make the universe even possible to exist. The second law of physics says that entropy is always the same or increases when work is done. Entropy is energy that results in new knowledge and experience and is the real cause of the universe expanding because the newly acquired knowledge is added to the periphery of the universe. Even stranger, in order to scientifically understand the universe with all its interconnected dimensions and fractal nature one must use an area of mathematics consisting of complex numbers that are basically imaginary. The conclusions reached is that consciousness and self-awareness is the result of entropy which is essentially chaos, depending on how chaos is defined.
The Great Differentiation of Planetary Solar Systems
The second “day” has always been very mysterious: “Let there be a firmament in the heavens and let it separate the waters from the waters.” (Genesis 1:7-8) First of all we have to realize that this whole episode took an entire “day” and it was not referring to the formation of an atmosphere because earth itself was not made until the third “day”. So what could be going on?

It is the result of the first “day” of star formation and their formation of the elements. All these elements pounded out by dying stars imploding on themselves is the basis of life.

Eventually, all these elements began to separate, segregate, and accumulate following the laws of gravity and momentum. Eventually all this star stuff of elements began to accumulate in clouds of dust, and through the process of planetary differentiation, solar systems with planets orbiting their own stars began to form. This, in my interpretation, is the separation of the waters from the waters. After approximately ten billion years the dead skeletons of dead star matter was accumulated in swirls of solar systems. Planets of various compositions circulating around a central star which is a center of the “firmament” cloud of dust and gas. This concept of “firmaments” is separation within separation as in the layers of sour milk. It is also interesting to note that it has been determined that at least half the water on earth was formed long before our solar system even existed along with a whole lot of organic compounds and both are still forming.
The Formation of Earth and the Oceans
The third day focuses on a specific solar system with a specific planet called the Earth.
After all the violence of the early universe fighting matter and antimatter, stars crushing themselves into and out of existence, elements flung out into space like an astronomical bar fight, things began to settle down and solar systems with mediocre stars filled the universe.
There is a reason that the inner planets closest to the sun are metallic and the outer planets are “gas giants”. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are predominantly metallic, whereas as Jupiter, Saturn and the rest are mostly spheres of gas like hydrogen and helium. This is the result of the Solar Wind that blew the more volatile elements farther out and the inner planets maintained their less volatile components like iron and other metals.

The actual process of planets forming from orbiting clouds of dust and rocks is very complicated and it is easy to take things for granted unless one studies the actual processes and we will not go into detail here. The main point is that “Earth” did not show up until the third “Day” and neither did the oceans. This means that the “deep” mentioned in verse two and the “waters” was not the oceans of planet Earth. It was something much bigger. Neither was the “firmaments” related to a specific planet but was the process of planetary differentiation which went on throughout the universe as just stated.

The other big point to notice about day “three” is that there are no animals yet and plants are the major emphasis. This is absolutely consistent with geology and evolution! This is the number one big hole in the literalists argument as I will show. According to geology, the Earth was a barren rock and water planet with a toxic sky devoid of oxygen and saturated with gasses like methane and nitrous oxides. The only organisms at this time were anaerobic bacteria and viruses. But then a very strange thing happened, some strange upstart bacteria started emitting oxygen as part of a new revolutionary metabolism. This new revolutionary metabolism is called photosynthesis and is the entire foundation of life on Earth as we know it today. It is because of photosynthesis that we can breathe oxygen. It comes from green plants including the algae of the ocean. In the geologic record it is called “The Great Oxidation Event” and the massive deposits of iron ore are the result of it.

Not only that, the abundance of oxygen in the atmosphere results in the ozone layer which consists of three oxygen atoms in one molecule. Without the ozone layer any organism on the land would be fried to a crisp from the sun. But even this is not enough protection from the voracious violent sun. The magnetic field generated by the molten iron mantle of the Earth’s interior is even more fundamental to the protection of organisms from the ravages of the fuming fusion star in our central solar system. Is it any wonder there are no animals mentioned yet in the so called “creation” story? This scenario totally fits the fossil record. It’s called “the Precambrian”–before life.
The Evolution of Plants and the Clarifying of the Earth’s Atmosphere
According to the literalists, this all happened in three literal days, so I ask, “what is a
Literal day”? A literal day is one rotation of the Earth relative to the sun which is in the center of our solar system. The idea that the sun is the center of our solar system came at much cost to earlier scientists who dared to contradict “the Church”. Some were tortured and burned at the stake such as Bruno. Others were threatened with the same unless they recanted as did Galileo. This knowledge we have comes from the precious blood of great thinkers and we take it for granted. The tragic thing is, absolutely none of this was ever actually said in the Bible. It was dogma dictated by churches!
So, A literal day is one rotation of the planet Earth relative to the central sun in the center of our solar system. That seems simple enough but, there is just one problem. According to the Genesis story in the King James version of the Bible (not some alien script) the sun and the moon and the stars were not made until the fourth “Day”. Therefore, there could not be literal days before the fourth day because the sun didn’t even exist according to the version the literalists parade around!

I will repeat this statement with a small bit of rewording because the significance of this is very high. It’s a question of being either literally literal or a little literal, or of literalness with a little latitude. To be literally literal one would have to say that prior to the fourth day there was no sun and no moon or stars because it is written “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven …” (Genesis 1:14)

The literal interpretation does leave a little to be desired, however. For one thing, by definition (a literal definition) a literal 24-hour period of a “day” is defined by the rotation of the earth relative to the sun. If the sun did not exist the first three days then they were not literal days. For that matter the earth itself didn’t exist until the third “day”.

Literalness with a little latitude would allow that the Earth was not hurtling through space but must have been orbiting around something, presumably, the sun as part of the solar system. Why then does Genesis say the sun and the moon were made after the making of the plants when the plants themselves need sunlight?

Well, do you remember how prior to the time of plants the atmosphere was nothing but clouds of methane gas, sulfuric acid, ammonia and dust? Have you ever tried to see the sun or the moon or the stars in a very smoggy city on a bad traffic day? You can’t see them as individual heavenly bodies but plants cleaned up the atmosphere so the sun and the moon and the stars could become visible as individual objects. Not only that, Genesis also says of the fourth day: “and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years;” Genesis doesn’t even mention the word “day” in a literal sense unit the fourth “day”. This should cause some serious reflection for those capable of any serious reflection. Not only that, in Genesis 2:4 it is written, “These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens.” (italics mine). In this instance the entire six days of creation is summarized as one day!
The Age of Fishes and Dinosaurs
Once a pons a brain stem, in a swamp a long, long time ago, fish got uppity and started walking on their fins. In our Genesis Travelogue we have arrived at the fifth day. Up to this point we have seen that Genesis is consistent with the cosmological concepts of the Big Bang, the origins of stars, the formation of matter and heavier elements within those stars. After several generations of stars, dust containing elements began to accumulate and form solar system with stars at the center. This resulted in planetary differentiation and eventually the formation of Earth. We have seen how plants (originally in the form of algal mats called stromatolites) had changed the atmosphere enough to make the sun, moon and stars distinctly visible for the first time in about 4 billion years. The atmosphere had a major increase in oxygen because of photosynthesis which made the ozone layer and filtered out many ultraviolet rays that made it possible for living organisms to eventually live on land but that was still a long way off.

Now we have come to the Age of Fishes. According to geologic theory as supported by the fossil record, macroscopic life started in the oceans as various sea creatures. “And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that has life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven…” (Genesis 1:20) It was through the media and mechanism of water using biological principals that life arose. That birds appear along with fishes may strike some as rather odd. However, the fact that birds are said to have formed from the waters on this “day” implies that this period also includes the age of reptiles, including the dinosaurs, because now we know that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

It was only about thirty years ago that some suggested that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. Now the idea is pretty much accepted by mainstream scientists as fact. Tyrannosaurus Rex was a thirty-foot-tall rooster. Actually, birds have changed some since their branching from reptiles millions of years ago but they are still a remnant of the dinosaur age. New research and fossil finds have even shown that modern birds lived contemporaneously with the dinosaurs.

There were geese and robins flying around when T. Rex was chomping on crocs! Birds go way, way back. No human foot prints along with dinosaur tracks have been reported, however.

I am not oblivious that the idea that birds and reptiles evolving from sea squirts and sponges sounds preposterous but that is what evolution says according to the fossil record. If one were to think that sponges were a working prototype for lungs and sea squirts were a working prototype for colons, jelly fish for hearts, and so on, then one can realize that ninety-nine percent of what we physically are now started as prototypes in the oceans. To say that jelly fish was a prototype for hearts is stretching things a bit but when one puts two heart cells in proximity to each other they start beating in unison like clocks in a clock shop.

The point is, there was a whole lot of “experimentation” going on and something that worked for one purpose could have easily been used for a completely different purpose. New science has shown that sponges share seventy percent of the same genes as humans. In fact, Precambrian algae and primitive bacteria had a hundred times more DNA than humans! We, as humans, still start out in a larval state swimming through the “sea”. The smart one that asks for directions, wins the babe and the rest is fetal history. Do I need to elaborate?

Let us curl our fins, say “ah”, and contemplate our Inner Fish as posited by Shubin. The basic biologic fact is that all our vital functions reside in our spinal column and brain stem. There are also various concentrations, or ganglia, of nerves throughout our body, such as the solar plexus. These just so happen to coincide with what are known as chakras but that discussion is beyond the scope of this essay. There are a few other structures on the brainstem, such as the pons, which are common to all vertebrates, from the simplest fish to reptiles, birds and us. This complex of brainstem and structures is, in fact, known as the reptilian brain.

The rise of the reptilian brain is a very important concept from the stand point of the multidimensional nature of the universe. For about 13 billion years there were trillions of particles bouncing around and interacting at the scale of the universe itself, resulting in stars and galaxies. These galaxies form a pattern of distribution that is not random. In this strange galaxy of ours there is some extremely strange phenomenon occurring. Cerebral brain density is increasing at such a rate, at least in some, that we have reached an “event horizon” of consciousness and humans are a biologic “singularity”. I would like to propose the idea that human consciousness is a biologic singularity in the very physical sense of the term. Lipton and Callahan have a nice discussion about the fractal nature of life.

With the onset of microscopic, unicellular life we see the interaction of trillions of particles (molecules) interacting on the scale of a single cell contained in a membrane. Each system of molecules consisting of trillions of atomic particles. With the rise of the reptilian mind we see the interaction of trillions of cells as reptilian units (individual animals). Billions of these reptilian’ units’ can now interact on the scale of the planet. Thus, what I mean by the holographic and fractal universe as it relates to biology is that each reptilian ‘unit’ is a universe within itself.

Our reptilian brain keeps us alive. It is responsible for our breathing, heartbeat, digestion, and heavy-breathing steamy sex drive. Sensibility is not one of its strong points, however. Do not try to reason with a thirty-foot rooster (T. Rex) if you are in its tree. It will eat you. Territoriality, aggression, ritual (dewlap flapping and dancing among lizards, birds, fish, etc.) and the attendant fascination with loud rhythmic vibrations are primary preoccupations of the Reptilian Brain.

Basically all the cool things that fish, reptiles and birds do, we can also do but, just not as well.
One of the silliest things I have heard people say is that animals don’t have feelings.
However, the lowly crocodile rejoices at the kill and is happiest when slashing, crushing, chomping—both giving and receiving. The reptilian mind loves the thrill of the fight with adrenaline coursing through veins, switchblade in claw taking down the big daddy gator. Rumble in the jungle, shrieking at the moon like the animals they be. The reptilian mind is pure ecstasy, totally unrepressed joy. The reptilian mind has no fear; it only has the urge for violence and sex. If adrenaline doesn’t do it, then endorphins will. The fact is, we humans are still dominated by the reptilian brain. I must say that as a human, I highly resemble that statement.
The next-silliest thing I hear people say is that we should not “anthropomorphize”. We see some lizards flashing the dewlaps on their neck at each other and dancing around like ballerinas and we say, “Look at those lizards! They are rocking out, dude!” We’re not supposed to say that because we are attributing human behaviors to mere animals. The ironic thing is that when we are rocking out, flashing our bling, feathering our nests, and dousing ourselves with smell-good juice we are being quite reptilian our self. This is not a value judgment. This is not saying that being reptilian is evil, as many would say. Being reptilian is our greatest source of joy and pleasure, at least on the plain of mud.

It is also, however, our greatest source of pain and destruction. Greed is also in the mind of the hoarding croc. Actually, that is a technically false statement. Crocs only do what they do as driven by their reptilian brains. Only reptiles with a cortex can be greedy. Only when crocs can make weapons and formulate banking systems that turn war into profit can there be greed. That dubious honor, my dear mammal mates, falls upon us—the Reptiles Extraordinaire.

Nevertheless, following the age of fishes and reptiles in our reconstruction of the days of the world, it will take a few more million years and a rather large block of ice before we arrive and ruin all the fun.
The Rise of Mammals and the Limbic System
Every “morning” of creation is followed by a very long “evening” of extinction.
According to Schroeder, “morning” in Hebrew means order, and “evening” means chaos which is consistent with chaos and complexity theory.  The fossil record shows five major extinctions. We are currently in the sixth extinction. The last great extinction took out the dinosaurs that ruled the planet for 250 million years. Lurking among the thundering footfalls of the great beasts were soft, furry, mammal-like things. Frequently, they got eaten. Of course, we are talking principally about the comet that struck in the vicinity of the present Yucatan about sixty-five million years ago. Everybody knows the story: the dinosaurs got wiped out and the mammals took over. Now we have predatory banking and corporations rule and ruin the planet. They are the new dinosaurs.

Again, I will reiterate that my objective is not to present an in depth account of the science behind these ideas but to show that the science is generally consistent with certain mythological accounts, specifically, the Babylonian one as recorded in Genesis.

The story of Genesis as we know it came originally from the Babylonians as Spong has written. Needless to say, it would not have become a hit unless it was revised and published in a different book. The Hebrews had their own stash of creation wisdom known as the Sefer Yetzirah, which is part of a general subject known as Kabbala. The interpretations of the Enuma Elish and stories about Marduk, Enil and Enki have been done by Zecharia Sitchin and are readily available today, as is the English translation of the Sefer Yetzirah While I don’t accept most of Sitchin’s conclusions, his discussion of the myth is interesting.

What is really amazing is the story of the Bible itself. Even after it was compiled into its current set of books by the church, its reading in anything but Latin was forbidden. The whole history of medieval to modern Europe could be explained in terms of the struggle of religions and their way of either repressing or releasing to the common masses Biblical content and context. We live in a fortunate time with freedom of thought and relatively unconstrained research. We had better enjoy it before we lose it again.

So, according to the story, “On the sixth day the earth brought forth cattle and creeping things.” (Genesis 1:24) Creeping things could be interpreted as snakes and lizards, but that is incorrect because those basically slither. Creeping things refers to the nest rats (generic mammals) that were lurking around the egg nests and perching areas of the dinosaurs. New research shows that they even chewed on dinosaur bones when their rapacious landlords died. All the animals that are mentioned on the sixth “day” are mammals and mammal precursors in my interpretation. Not only that, but on the same “day” that the Earth brings forth mammals, man shows up.

There are some people who are unjustifiably adamant in their own adopted interpretations on this subject. These people should actually try reading and studying the body of mythology that they insist on importing and distributing with minimal scrutiny, or worse, lost in the deliberate blindness of an agenda. These people think of man as a special creation apart from all else, but the slightest investigation reveals that man showed up on the sixth “day” along with the rest of the mammals.

To reiterate, it is also important to point out that the animals and man were not a special creation of God. It says so right there in the Bible! It says that “the earth brought forth” just like it said the “waters brought forth”. The waters and the earth have the inherent capacity to bring forth life. This is why some have proposed that the Earth is a self-sustaining living entity named Gaia, the daughter of Chaos according to Greek mythology.
That Adam was made the same day as the rest of the creatures on the sixth day is reiterated in the Book of Job where God says that Man was made at the same time that He made behemoth (probably a hippopotamus). The business of man being made from the dust of the ground is not discussed at this point, but appears in the next chapter of Genesis and relates to a different story. Namely, the human dependence on agriculture as man went from hunter gatherer status to pastoralist then to fixed cultivator.

Now distinguished colleagues, ascendant laity, honorable slackers, boys and girls, I am going to tell you something that is going to blow your literalist and scientific brains. Even though I am showing how cosmology, geology and the fossil record are consistent with the first chapter of Genesis, I must say that Darwinian evolution, strictly speaking, is incorrect. New genetic studies show that genetic variation is much more complex than was thought for a long time.

Before decoding the human genome, we thought we were much grander than rats, but it turns out that we have only a few more genes than rats, and not a whole lot more than fruit flies. After all, fruit flies have six legs and we only have two. They also have a whole lot more eyes, plus they fly whereas we walk. Genetics show that whether one is six feet tall or the size of a pinhead, complexity takes similar amounts of genes irrelevant of final size.

Basically, what it comes down to is that random genetic mutation just doesn’t work even in the context of geological time (Lipton). As it turns out, a guy named Jean-Baptiste Lamarck had a more correct concept. The fact is Lamarck was a commoner, whereas Darwin was an aristocrat and the equivalent of a spoiled rich kid. While Darwin was playing around with his ideas, Lamarck was a self-made naturalist. He sent Darwin a copy of his version of evolution to edit and Darwin flipped out. He had a friend in high places who pulled some strings, and Darwin was able to get his own version published before Lamarck, and the rest is history.

Lamarck’s version was disdained, slandered and mocked. The distorted account asserts that if giraffes wanted to have longer necks to reach higher leaves then they could get longer necks by simply stretching their necks harder. One fellow attempted to disprove Lamarck’s supposed version by cutting the tails off twenty-five generations of rats, and still their progeny had tails. Supposedly they would get tired of having their tails cut off and would quit growing them. This result was supposed to disprove Lamarck’s version. We all know Darwin’s version. Random mutations give some lucky duck an advantage of some sort, he gets all the babes, and the changes are passed on.

One thing the fossil record shows is that evolution is not linear. It does not occur at a constant rate. Evolution is “punctuated”. After an extinction event like global climate change, or a comet impact, or global volcanism, the niches that are left behind by extinct species are rapidly filled up by new species at a much faster rate than random mutations could account for. Lamarck explained this fact by suggesting some malleable mechanism that allowed change to happen faster. Now we know what that mechanism is—quantum mechanics. As we now know, DNA is made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made ultimately of light quanta, which themselves are electromagnetic wave forms (McTaggert).

Being a wave form, light is subject to resonant frequencies of other wave forms such as those associated with the changing state of the environment, the location and proximity of the Earth to other stars, cosmic rays etc. It is also subject to the transmissions of the wave forms emitted by our own and other minds. All of these inputs from the environment influence the organism in huge ways. This idea has been absolute heresy among scientist and still is.

New genetic studies show the many morphological changes are “epigenetic”. This means that chromosomes are capable of making a great deal of changes by chemical alteration of their own structure in response to environmental and even mental conditions. This does not require a major mutation which are almost always lethal. Changes in temperature, food sources, and neurological conditions (e.g. stress) can also have a major impact. Large amounts of our, and other animals, genetic material is not involved in most current functions but all these genes can be turned off or on by physical and chemical queues.

As Lipton and McTaggart show, there is a strong affiliation between genes and electromagnetic radiation. New research has shown that bacteria communicate with each other by light frequencies. In fact they do a lot more than that. They share genetic information and they basically comprise the ‘brain” of the planet on a global scale. Bacteria were here 2 billion years before animals showed up and they will be around long after were gone. In fact they will be the ones that will take us out because of our bad stewardship. What we are doing with unnatural chemicals, especially antibiotics is making the heart of Gaia very angry.

Our own bodies contain light and our health depends on its state of spectral balance.
Diseases have been shown to be caused by an internal light imbalance. As discussed in the section of the firmaments, all of the elements that the earth and all the animals consist of were all formed in stars through the mechanism of stellar fusion. We are beings of light.
So here are Adam and Eve in The Garden. They were vegetarians. They had it made just lying around and picking fruit off the trees. Thus was Australopithecus a hairy, fruit- eating, doting primate but something was about to rock the world of our Adam and Eve. They got thrown out of the garden by climate changed cause by the Afro-Syrain rift about seven million years ago. Our ancestors were forced to make a living by a much more exhaustive physical effort than picking fruit off a tree. They began to be nomadic, traveling, chasing down animals and being chased by animals. This activity was a real body-heat- generating thing. If they did not lose the fur and begin to sweat like crazy they were going to spontaneously combust. Whatever the mechanism of losing their hair, that is what they did.

Not only that, they got big heads. It was the result of all that clamoring around trying to stay alive, developing social skills, making tools, developing hunting strategies, and partying like it was one million years ago. It was a lot to manage in those acorn class skulls. The ancients increased their brain capacities from four hundred cubic centimeters to about twelve hundred cubic centimeters (that’s like going from a twelve ounce can of beer to a quart of malt liqueur!).

This was, and still is, a major problem. Human brains were evolving faster than the females’ ability to accommodate them in childbirth. Throughout the centuries people have been pointing to the Bible and saying that women were cursed in child birth because Eve talked to a snake. The fact is human birth is so agonizing today because of the size of the human head. We just know too damn much. Getting fat off that fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, we have had to pay the price. Worst of all, concomitant with the expansion of mental capacity, we developed self-awareness. That is why we know we are naked. It is all in the jacked-up neocortex.
A common misunderstanding of evolution says that new genera arises from evolution.
New species, yes, and they can do some amazing things. The explosion of genera occurred in the Cambrian Period. Prior to the Cambrian, for almost 3 billion years the only life forms were unicellular. In the Cambrian, as indicated by the fossils in the Burgess Shale Formation, life forms exploded in diversity. I am referring to animal life forms. Plants were well on their way as previously mentioned in the discussion of the fourth “day”. It is likely that the new abundance of oxygen was important as was the new ozone layer. Whatever it was, when it came to the development of the mechanics of life forms something major “clicked”. Some people will say “aha! this is proof of God!”. Others will say, “Aha! This is proof of extraterrestrials! They beamed us with their biolight!” I am certainly not going to say that evolution is proof that there is no God. I would just say that evolution is proof that God uses natural mechanism to make things. Gould has a good summary of the Cambrian explosion and its ramifications.

We have come to know a great many things about nature. Unfortunately, for many people the wonder of life and nature has been removed by this knowledge. Eventually, scientists will someday come to understand how life itself came about in a mechanistic way but this does not disprove the existence of Transcendent Beingness.

Unfortunately, the worst thing about humans obtaining the knowledge of how life arose is that they will start using that knowledge to make new life forms and then things are really going to get really weird and scary. Genetic engineering is a good example of science run amuck. It is science driven by a boardroom of corporate shareholders epitomizing the death incurred by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. “Let us make a turtle with a GPS in its head! We could sell some of those and let us make big profits!” Actually, turtles already have a GPS in their heads.

Back to the main subject at hand. The significance of the “Cambrian explosion” is that ninety percent of the original genera of animals has been wiped out by the succession of extinction events as recorded in the fossil record. The biological tree of life is not some flourishing multi-storied oak tree. It’s a small bush that has been hacked, mowed, burned and stomped on.

In this regard it is generally true that each life form “begets life after its own kind” as stated in Genesis. This is based on genetics. However, fortunately, there is built into genetics enough resiliency so that some life forms could survive what this planet has been through. If it wasn’t for this resiliency, known as “epigenetics”, all life would have been extinguished a very long time ago.

The engine that really drives the dynamo of diversity is volcanism and plate tectonics. If climate didn’t change and continental plates didn’t move around there might be only a few hundred animals on the planet. This is not a good thing. There needs to be as much diversity as possible for we never know when the next extinction is going to happen. Some of those diverse animals well may be the only ones capable of surviving the new conditions. Unfortunately, the newest surge of extinctions is being caused by us humans in order to fulfill corporate law and provide profits to the shareholders at any cost. This extinction is happening faster than anything recorded in the geologic record.

This brings up the question, ‘What is the most human thing that humans do?’ Most people would say “talk” but, other animals communicate and have a varied dialect. Many animals from birds to gorillas and Bonobos can even learn our language even though we have not learned theirs. Old thinking says that Neanderthals were wiped out by much smarter “Homo Sapiens”. New genetic research shows, however, that we just slept with them and assimilated them.  Maybe we should change our scientific name to Homo Captain Kirkus for that wayward space adventurer of television lore that would sleep with anything!

To answer the question, “what is the most human thing that humans do?” The answer is “run”. This includes running “to” things, but mostly running “away” from things, including our own minds. This running away from our own minds, otherwise known as “psychological repression” is the real cause of evil in the world. It’s not “Original Sin”, it’s the “Original Reptile”.

Now a word about the limbic system. In addition to the reptilian brain, which comprises our brainstem and contains all the basic “software” to run our body functions, mammals like us have a limbic system. The limbic system is basically the seat of our emotions. Emotions became necessary so mammal mothers would take care of their young which are much less developed at birth in contrast to reptiles which are born to bite. Instead of dropping a bunch of eggs in the dirt like so much baggage as reptiles do, mammals give birth to live young and have to hang around and take care of them. It has been shown that baby animals are cute looking in order to get an emotional response from their mothers and others who would otherwise try to eat them.
The Sabbath as the Holographic Nothingness
I almost forgot to mention the last day of creation. Actually it’s not a day of creation. It is however, the biggest conundrum that literalists have to deal with and have totally ignored and repressed. It is said “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.” (Genesis 2:2). So, does God get tired? Is God omnipotent and infinite? Then why does God have to take a break after six days of work? Does God drink beer and watch football? Was it Super bowl Sunday and he/she did not want to miss it? Of course, this is silly. Everybody knows there was no football at that time. But since God is omnipotent perhaps she/he can watch the future games. But this is stupid too because if that is the case he/she already knows who is going to win. Is it boring being God? I would think that it is boring being God. But then I am not God. Although there are some who say that we are God playing hide and seek with Ourselves.

So, why does Genesis say ‘God rested’ if God does not need to rest? I have asked literalists about this and they say (They have actually said this to me), “Well, duh, dude, it is allegorical. Obviously, God does not need to rest.” So then the seventh day is allegorical the literalists say. The first three days must be allegorical too because the sun and the moon were not ‘made’ until the fourth day. That only leaves day five and six as being literal. So that means that Genesis is only 2/7th literal. Give me a break. The seventh day is allegorical as are the previous six days. That does not mean they are meaningless, just the opposite.

Absolute literalism is meaningless and even computers and robots need to get over it. The real depth of meaning is in allegory which is a reflection of the infinite holographic and fractal nature of the one verse of song called “the Universe” .

New science has shown that space is not a complete vacuum. Particles pop in and out of existence from space into our four-dimensional reality and then annihilate and disappear.  They disappear into what is called the Zero Point Field (ZPF) and from that same field they come back again. Before the big bang there was nothingness but in this nothingness was everythingness, for out of it came the universe and it is still going on. The Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate which means that creation is not only still happening but creation is happening at an accelerating rate. The universe is expanding at an accelerated rate because knowledge and experience increases at an exponential rate as Currivan discusses.

Out of nothingness came somethingness and after a periodic cycle of six amplitudes it turned back to nothingness which is allegorically represented by the Sabbath. What we have here is a pulse, a quantum, a packet. So we have a pulse consisting of six days and five evenings…somebody get me a calculator! If I was a mathematical genius I would bet a paycheck that herein lies the secrets of String Theory and the Grand Unified Theory. The point is, all information consists of pulses. Not only is the universe a pulse, it is a frequency modulated pulse of a factor of 144 (24 x 6). Somebody call the string theorists!

In another ancient text of wisdom, digital mathematics is made use of not only to describe

the present but, to predict the future. This text is called “The I Ching, The Book of Changes”. It is based on the idea that there are two kinds of lines, a broken line and an unbroken line. The “break” in the line is the equivalent of the “Sabbath’” in my interpretation. In the I Ching, various combinations of six lines contains the entire enfolded universe. It seems six days and six lines sum up everything in the manifest physical world.
Another fundamental feature of the universe is rhythm. Without a pause there can be no rhythm. Imagine music without pauses. For that matter there would be no music or sound without pauses because without pauses, nothing would vibrate.

This makes one ask the question, ‘Well then, what is a pause?’ To find that out, throw a ball up into the air. A ball thrown up into the air goes up and then comes down because of gravity. But before it comes down it pauses. So then a pause is a change in direction. But then according to physics, for any mass to move, stop, or change direction it must be acted upon by a force. By being acted upon by a force it gains energy. In the case of the ball it pauses because it is acted on the force of gravity which overcomes the force of our throw. Thus by being at rest in a pause we gain energy because it represents a change in our inertia. That is why it is called resting. Thus the rests in music is what makes it music because that is where it gets its power.

Even the reeds in clarinets and other instruments make sound because they vibrate and change direction at a very fast rate which then transfer their vibrations into air as sound. The point is that all existence maintains itself by gaining energy from the Zero Point Field at its various pauses in the course of its vibration. Thus, the Sabbath is indeed, “Wholly” in the sense of being comprehensive, integrated, holographic, and the basis of information itself.

It gets even more interesting because when some things decide to pause or not pause is not always the same. When it comes to music this is a good thing because then there would only be the same rhythm. Imagine for all of human history there was no real music but nothing but rap with its same droning beat. Dogs forbid! So then we have variety and unpredictability in which case we have statistics. If we have statistics, we have quantum mechanics in which case we have form. Even in form there are “pauses” otherwise known as fuzziness.

Quantum mechanics says that everything is fuzzy and is manifested as probabilities.
Matter is solid but is made up of atoms which are 99.99 percent space. The small parts that are solid (e.g. electron, proton etc.) are also 99.99 percent space. Anybody get the joke yet? It’s all thought! The Buddhists and Hindus are right! If one goes small enough it all comes down to probability waves. There is no certainties in nature. There are no hard lines in nature. The only hard line certainties are those that we project with our own mind and beliefs expressed as literalistic dogma.

Likewise, in art. If one paints a picture with only hard lines it will look like a cartoon. The only real art has soft edges. The more soft edges the clearer the picture becomes. That is because real art is holographic and involves the viewer. Real art lets the seer form the picture. Cartoons force the picture on the viewer. Literalist Religions, per se, are a cartoon. Dogmas are hard lines. Hard line dogma is even worse.

Hopefully by now I have convinced everyone that is convincible that the first chapter of Genesis is amenable to interpretations other than the usual religious literalist nonsense. I won’t swear that mine is the only one that is right or is right at all. Hopefully, however, the point has been made that without literalism, Genesis has a fairly good correlation to the current scientific model of cosmology, geology and evolution.

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