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The Tao of Thomas Aquinas

Fierce Wisdom for Hard Times

By Published On: January 29, 2020Comments Off on The Tao of Thomas Aquinas

Relax and listen to Matthew Fox read The Tao of Thomas Aquinas: Fierce Wisdom for Hard TimesAudio Version now 25% off, the 5-CD SET is available at 20% discount and there is also a Digital Version.

A stunning Spiritual Handbook drawn from the substantive teachings of a mystical/prophetic genius offering a sublime roadmap for spirituality and action, this short book brings a well of deep wisdom to the surface. Matthew Fox’s stated purpose for this new “handbook” is to support and inspire the energy of a new generation of sacred activists working on the front lines of social change with the fierce wisdom of this courageous intellectual warrior and spiritual genius. “In these pages I have attempted to offer an accessible and succinct platform to hear the heart and mind of this giant thinker, philosopher, scientist, theologian, mystic, and prophet. And to make his wisdom available to many-especially the young.” – Matt Fox

Praise for The Tao of Thomas Aquinas

What a wonderful book! Only Matt Fox could bring to life the wisdom and brilliance of Aquinas with so much creativity. The Tao of Thomas Aquinas is a masterpiece. – Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit

This thrilling, exalted, fierce, sublime book by our greatest and wisest living Christian prophet reveals Thomas Aquinas not only as the Bach of Christian Mystics, boundlessly and groundedly creative, majestic and pragmatic–but also as the most inspired and vibrant possible companion for all sacred activists now struggling to birth a new world.

No-one but Matthew Fox could have pulled off so magical and necessary a resurrection. Whatever path you are on, read this book and be renewed by its illumined passion for the titanic work ahead. – Andrew Harvey author of The Hope and Turn Me To Gold: 108 Translations of Kabir.

In the future, when we look back at the individuals who had the greatest impact on Christian thinking in the early 21st century, I believe that Matthew Fox will be among those at the top of the list. He has not only gone far in rattling conservative dogma, but he has done it from a place deeply rooted in scripture and tradition. His vision of a more contemplative, compassionate, and social-justice-oriented Christianity is exactly what is needed for our faith to survive and grow–at once nourishing the world and being in dialogue with other spiritual traditions.

In this new book on Thomas Aquinas Fox has once again taken some of the gems of the Christian tradition and made them sparkle anew. – Paul Engler, founding director of Center for the Working Poor and co-author, This Is An Uprising

Matthew Fox’s exciting book on Thomas Aquinas breaks new ground in appreciating the great saint’s spiritual depths and practical wisdom. Aquinas comes through as a real brother to Francis of Assisi and a real champion for our times as humanity faces eco destruction and massive extinctions. This handbook offers a guide for all humans to stand up, be counted and make a difference. – Richard Rohr, OFM, Living School for Center of Action and Contemplation, author, Divine Dance

In my 20s I encountered Thomas Aquinas while studying the creation spirituality of Matthew Fox. This turned out to be an event that changed my life forever. It felt like I had discovered a secret energy source, like I was this lonely geologist who had stumbled upon an untapped oil field as vast as Saudi Arabia, but filled with a psychic form of energy a thousand times more potent than oil or gas. Thomas Aquinas’s wisdom supercharged my life and my creativity for decades.

You have in your hands the magical switch to the spiritual energy you need to accomplish the great work for which you were created. Nothing can stop you now. – Brian Thomas Swimme, California Institute of Integral Studies, cosmologist and author of The Universe Story (with Thomas Berry) and Journey of the Universe

Who knew that Thomas Aquinas was so extravagantly brimming with a vital blend of earthy reverence and contemplative quietude, blessing the holiness of all that is incarnational while exalting the One that transcends all distinction? May these distilled teachings contribute to mending the torn web of the world. – Mirabai Starr, Author of God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity & Islam and Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce & Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics

Matthew Fox’s The Tao of Thomas Aquinas: Fierce Wisdom for Hard Times is a little book that asks big questions. It brings the work of Aquinas to the fundamental challenges and questions of our time: How can we re-discover our place in the cosmos? How can we be joyful in difficult times? How can our spiritual lives serve to bring forth a more just and sustainable culture for all rather than salvation for a few?

The book points out that we need the energy of today’s youth, but we also need the cosmic mysticism of Aquinas—and Matthew Fox. – Theodore Richards, author of Creatively Maladjusted; The Great Re-Imagining: Spirituality in an Age of Apocalypse

This is a beautiful and important book. At a time when our very future is threatened by greed, despair, and the threat of extinction, Aquinas’ timeless wisdom, so brilliantly illuminated by Fox, offers a roadmap for spirituality and action — and these teachings are more relevant and needed now than ever before. – Adam Bucko, co-author of Occupy Spirituality and The New Monasticism

The Tao of Thomas Aquinas is a gift of supreme thankfulness and praise from the pen of a true doctor of the Church whose spiritual calling is to heal us, with playfulness and celebration, from the stiff teachings and anthropomorphism of Christ that historically made Catholic theology sick.

This book is a work of restoration and repairing. It is a work of remarkable revelation and compassion: Redemption of Aquinas from the rational prison he was caged in for 800 years! Fox has freed Aquinas from bondage and liberated his true voice and gives us his grapes of spiritual glory, to return us each to our true humanity, before it is too late. — Steve Hermann, Phd, Jungian analyst and author of Spiritual Democracy

Matthew Fox brings Thomas Aquinas to life in a way that transcends intellectual arguments. This is a beautiful book, a book written by one who fell in love with Thomas Aquinas as a young scholar and who has never ceased to love Thomas in a way that brings this great medieval theologian’s mystical vision into a living reality. – From the Forward by Ilia Delio, OFM, author of The Unbearable Wholeness of Being and The Emergent Christ

I have been absolutely DEVOURING Matthew Fox’s new book on Thomas Aquinas! I have to read portions at a time because it just makes me so energized I feel like running a marathon! Haha. – Rev. Jerry Maynard, 26 year old catholic worker activist

In this delightful book, Matthew Fox expresses the radical vision and rapturous heart of the historically misunderstood Thomas Aquinas who speaks often a child-like, brilliant and clear metaphysic of cosmic love. This is a timely book for both the old and the young alike in our culture of suspicion and cynicism. In our age of weaponized words and rapid climate change, young people everywhere are invited to drink from a common stream of wisdom, a Tao, both cool and clear. The sheer wonder of the scientist and the awe of the mystic may meet in the middle of this great bridge of revelation. – Matthew Syrdal, author, speaker and Co-founder of Seminary of the Wild.
The Tao of Thomas Aquinas: Fierce Wisdom for Hard Times – Audio Version now 25% off, the 5-CD SET is available at 20% discount and there is also a Digital Version.

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