1978 Ecumenical Study Document on Abortion

A few years ago I sat on the board of the Washington Association of Churches.  At the time, they were in the process of moving out of an office space they had been in for many years.  As we sorted through the accumulation of documents, I ran across one that fascinated me so much that I set aside a copy.  It was a set of statements on abortion compiled in 1978 from various denomination authorities.  As I read it, I marveled at the diversity of beautifully articulated and nuanced statements by Christian leaders who had wrestled deeply with the spiritual values that come into conflict when a woman or family faces an problem pregnancy.  I thought about how painfully far our public dialogue is from this kind of inquiry.

The document  seemed precious somehow, and I filed it away.  In light of the full frontal assault on women and families in recent weeks, I found myself thinking about it and wanting to share this glimpse into the wisdom of those who came before us.  This morning I dug it out and scanned a copy.  I’m attaching it in case you might find it of value.



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