A Song For #StandingRock

My Dear Friends,

I recorded this song as tears streamed down my face.

Something about this melody and rhythm drew the emotion out of me through the tears. In this time there is so much heaviness in the world that we are exposed to, and I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all that is happening and how we are treating each other and the earth. It sometimes feels like a deep pain that I can’t explain with words.

This mantra, Sat Narayan, is a perfect prayer for what is happening in the world right now, with people and with the water. This is an offering to the Standing Rock movement. It is an offering to the Native peoples who have been struggling for hundreds of years with colonization, being totally mistreated and not being heard, and it is a potent mantra for the water element. Water is life. Without clean water, the human race will cease to exist. We are so fortunate that we have these brave and heroic water protectors who are sacrificing so much for ALL OF US.

I want to invite you to join me this Saturday November 26th, 2016 for a global prayer circle. At 3pm Central Time, I invite you to join people all over the world to pray with Standing Rock. Let’s chant this mantra for the water protectors so that they may succeed in their mission, and to chant and pray for those who have yet to see that this a dire situation that will affect us all, and that no profit is worth destroying our relationships with each other and the entire earth.

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With All My Love,


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