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90 Second Sermon Diva Does Divinity

Diva Does Divinity

Natalie Perkins


About Natalie:

Singer. Actor. Dancer. Seminarian. Writer.

“As we stumble along….” –The Drowsy Chaperone

In theatre, a “stumble-through” happens after you’ve had your preliminary rehearsals. You’ve run the music. You’ve gotten all the choreography and blocking. It’s time to try to run the show from beginning to end without stopping. To put the show on its feet and let it try out its first wobbly steps.

During the stumble-through, mistakes are made. Lines are dropped, choreography is forgotten, and verses of songs get mixed up. However, everyone involved– from the cast, to the director, to the stage manager– is pushing together toward the finale. Then we can say, “Phew! Well, at least we made it through!”

I always get the best feeling after a stumble-through. Because then you start to really see the shape of the show and it’s true potential. And you know it only gets better from here. This blog will mostly be my observations during my stumble-through with God. Some stuff I’ll know, some stuff I’ll get wrong, aaaaand some stuff I’ll ruin completely. But the hope is that it’ll (that I’ll) get better from here. And that I won’t miss those moments when I get to sit back and admire the work of those around me and catch a glimpse of the overall shape of the Show.

My hope is that this blog will aid in giving permission for us all to stumble along together.

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