A 21st Century Lord’s Prayer

Great divine spirit of love that is at the core of everything
and from which all life flows,

We acknowledge your healing and transforming power.

May the spirit of unconditional love and forgiveness flow through each of us and enable the realm of love to spread throughout the world.

Like the flowers in the fields, ensure that we have the basics we need to live
and give us the love and commitment to ensure that others have what they need too.

Give us the courage to acknowledge when we have done wrong,
to seek forgiveness from those we have hurt
and to forgive those who have hurt us,
so that we may be reconciled.

We acknowledge the power of self-giving love to transform individual hearts and the world.

We recommit ourselves to the unconditional love of others and the work of justice and peace.


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Review & Commentary

  • jimoppenheimer

    Revisions of prayers often are not really revisions so much as novelties.

    For instance, the words “Our Father” come from a point of view we no longer have. Yes God is like a parent, but not like the paterfamilias of olden days. A simple change does the trick: “Our Mother and Father in Heaven…” What we get here is some completely different point of view, which is fine, except that this is supposed to be a reworking of the Lord’s Prayer in modern acceptable language. The suggested revision adds many words. These are unstated in the original, but unquestionably there. So the revising person adds them. Really? Are we as a people so clueless and stupid that we need to have these terms spelled out for us? Have we lost so much of our spiritual core that we need to be reminded that God is the core of our being? Or is the revisor simply being simplistic and insulting?

    This prayer is, as a prayer, not at all bad. As a substitute for the Lord’s prayer, it misses the boat, assuming that adding tons of details will be an improvement. Hint: the people from ancient times up to now knew all about those very intriguing theological concepts in the revised prayer. They needed no writing down. they still don’t. This is just a new prayer, attempting to ride the coattails of a tried and true classic.

    This is probably true of all the other failed attempts to offer modern versions of the Lord’s Prayer (which certainly could use a revision, don’t get me wrong); I simply happened by chance to hit on this one first.