A Call to Joy: Celebrating the God of Unconditional Love

Do you have questions about certain religious beliefs you’ve been taught? Are you confused about what God wants or doesn’t want? Do you know why you are here and what this lifetime is for? Have you ever questioned what you believe? If so, then you are being nudged to a greater depth of spirituality and it may be no accident that you were led to a book like this.

Finding a God that we can relate to in this fast paced world is the key. Does God love you no matter what or will your God love you if… That is the starting point of any spirituality.
One God clearly fits the world we live in today; the other does not. Happy are those who get this right. T

A Call to Joy is a practical guide to finding the spirituality that works for you – and it may not involve organized religion. There are many valid paths to salvation and happiness. Enjoy the questions of life because looking for answers is what life is about and part of the journey.

” This book will challenge you to place God outside of the box we as humans tend to place him. And open your mind and heart to the spirit, to that loving God who has been present with you always!” -John Holben – Pastor, Riverside Community of Christ

A Call To Joy is a book that calls the seeking soul to a deeper level of intimacy with the Holy One that is within us and ever present with us. It is a call to an authentic relationship with Unconditional Love, rather than an external faith of rule following and unexplored theological dogma. -Rev. Dorothy Lawson, BCC supervisor or Pastoral Care, CHI Omaha

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