A Call to Worship for Pentecost


Here’s a call to worship, rooted in the Christian past, but open to the global voices, and celebrating an Earth-based liturgy.

Three voices scattered in the worship space, perhaps one at the Table, another at the Font, and another in the congregation. It must be dramatic, energetic, celebratory.

Voice One: Holy Spirit, Presence of God!
Holy Breath, Life Divine!
Holy Wind, Mover and Shaker!
We throw open our hearts before you;
we cast down every barrier to your freedom;
we yield to your boundless nature;
we welcome your wildness.

Voice Two: Too long have we tried to tame the Wind;
too long have we sought to control what’s Wild;
too long have we stood in domination over the Earth.

Voice Three: At this moment of Earth’s great groaning,
yearning, as if in labor, to birth what’s holy and enduring,
come, breathe, blow, move upon us all—

All: that Earth and all that’s in it may thrive;
that Earth and all that’s in it may love;
that Earth and all that’s in it may live—
in the harmony and wholeness you desire for us and all creation!

Voice One: Come, Great Spirit!
Voice Two: Breathe, blow, move upon us!
Voice Three: Here, now!
All: May it be so!

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