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A Candle Burns

A candle is burning yellow near the rail of an altar

In the church setting its flame will likely not falter


The Sun is blazing outdoors, a yellowish orb up in the sky

Is it solar fusion that’s the answer to the question “Why?”


The Earthly candle exhausting its fuel in just a matter of days

The Sun continuing its cauldron fire — billions of years does amaze!


Am I like the candle, a life lived quickly, for only decades as a mortal?

Living life on Earth but experiencing God through my own spirit-portal


When my life on Earth has come to a time of having been well-spent

May I realize a fuller Creator Consciousness as “life everlasting” sent


And when the Sun comes to a grand and long-radiant demise

Our Creator provides other stars glowing to answer all the “Whys”


For God’s ever-loving presence is so infinitely displayed

There’s no reason for humanity to get woefully dismayed


The candle that was the life of Jesus was burned to show us love

A doorway to God , whether within us or from somewhere “up above”


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