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A Climate Crisis: The Challenge to the Church

Climate Crisis…  The Challenge to a Prodigal Church
Our world is in serious trouble. Global warming is accelerating at frightening speed, yet it is our children and their children who will bear the full impact of the catastrophe.
With two billion members the worldwide Church could play a pivotal role in averting this tragedy, but it seems to be more worried about its own survival and who may be sleeping with whom.
To help avert climate disaster, it needs to be freed from the constraints which bind it and rediscover the radical Jesus of the Gospel. This means challenging deeply held theological assumptions and doctrines: not least regarding gender injustice. That is asking a lot but loving our neighbour is an absolute gospel imperative – and the planet is our neighbour.
This book, written with a lightness of touch about the most serious of issues, can help to make that happen. It speaks to a wide readership, lay and ordained, teenage and adult, believers and those of no faith. It is excellent study material but is, above all, a catalyst to urgent action alongside others of good will.

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The world is in a mess and that mess is getting worse. Climate change is rapidly destroying God’s creation. Our poorest neighbours are already suffering acutely but it will be our children and grandchildren who bear the full impact of the disaster. If the Church rediscovered the real meaning of Jesus it could play a pivotal role in averting this catastrophe. Instead, it frets about its own survival and agonises over who is sleeping with whom. The human race is staring into the abyss. Compared to the effects of climate change, nuclear war would be a stroll in the park. This book points a way forward that could bring life and hope to the planet – and the Church.
“A fine book – let’s hope it’s not too late.” ~ Richard Rohr, OFM USA

“Written with courage and integrity. A great book.” ~ Operation Noah

“Rates among the great theological texts of our time: alongside Jenkins, Spong et al. Full of fresh insights and connections. Brilliant, inspiring, compelling” ~ Nigel Greenwood, former chair Diocese of Ripon Board of Education and Director, One City Projects
“An important book – and a terrific read!” ~ Warren Bardsley, Iona Community UK
“A powerful reminder the gospel is a subversive message that challenges oppression and calls us to be on the side of the marginalised.”  ~ Church Action on Poverty

“I particularly enjoyed the early chapters on Jesus, especially your interpretation of some of the more elusive parables.” ~ Editor: Theology

“I loved it. Dynamic writing. Great theology. Engages us with the relevance of the gospel for climate justice.”  ~ Dr Helen Reid, Director Leeds Church Institute.

“Book arrived two days ago. Finished it today. Excellent.” ~ Canon Peter Cavanagh, former Vicar of Lancaster

“Am giving your book another read. Brilliant!” ~ Celeste Turner, Iona Community USA
“Inspirational and energising. The world is in danger and we all have a choice: whether to ignore this unpalatable truth or to act for change and hope. ~ Barbara Butler, Christians Aware
About the Author

David Rhodes is a freelance writer and former Journalist. His books are designed to help us discover God’s love in an unjust world.

David gives a voice (and respect) to those we label the poor and raises some huge questions for us all: What meaning does my life have? How can we make our planet a better place. Where is God in all this?

As well as his newly published Faith in Dark Places, David has written three other challenging books linking faith and action.
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