A Conversation with Rev. Fred Plumer of the Center for Progressive Christianity

A Conversation with Rev. Fred Plumer of the Center for Progressive Christianity

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today, we speak with Rev. Fred Plumer, Executive Director of the Center for Progressive Christianity in Gig Harbor, Washington. Rev. Plumer will be leading a day-long workshop here in Tulsa on Saturday the 25th at Fellowship Congregational Church — and he joins us by phone on StudioTulsa for a more general discussion about current trends and traditions in American religious life. Why are attendance numbers dropping so dramatically in all sorts of houses of worship? Why have the so-called “mega-churches” attracted so many followers? How has religious education in our nation’s seminaries and divinity schools changed over the last generation (or two, or three)? And what sorts of life-lessons or learning experiences might be found in both the pursuit and practice of interfaith religious tolerance? Such are the questions we explore on today’s program.


Topics: Progressive Christianity 101. 8 Points: Eight points. Resource Types: Audio Programs and Interfaith.

Review & Commentary

  • Joan Rapp

    Hello Fred,
    First Congregational in Tacoma will be moving to a new site this Spring, taking ownership of the Hope Lutheran Church off of South Tacoma Way, after all inspections are completed. We 3 Sunday School teachers continue to enjoy the children’s curriculem and look forward to the next book. You once said you’d send me colored pictures of each of the Sunday School lessons, but that hasn’t happened so far.
    We have in the past given 3rd graders their lst Bible. It just so happens that our grandaughter is that special 3rd grade person this year. I’ve looked at some children’s bibles at Dightman’s Christian Book store and saw one I liked that was kid oriented. I came across THE ADVENTURE BIBLE that looked pretty good for kids 9-12. Do you know this one? or…..do you have some alternatives we might look at?
    Thanks for your input. Lori Erwin-Johnson said we might be seeing you in the next month or so, but I’m not sure about that.
    I appreciate your input on a Children’s Bible.
    Joan Davies Rapp
    First Congregational Church–Tacoma