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A Credo for Progressive Christians

We worship and adore God,
            source, essence, and aim of all things,
            spirit that enlivens all beings.

We follow the way of Jesus, who found God in himself
            and shared a way for others to find God in themselves.
            He was born through love,
            He lived for love,
            He suffered for love,
            He died for love,
            But love never dies.

We submit ourselves to the leadings of the love that is God,
            that we may be compassionate to all beings,
            that we may live and serve in community with others,
            that we may ask for and offer forgiveness,
            that we may praise and enjoy God forever.  Amen!

From “Birdlike and Barnless: Meditations, Prayers and Songs for Progressive Christians” by Jim Burklo

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