A Joyful Path, Year One, Lesson 10: Sharing

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Lesson 10  from Year One is about: Sharing

“A Basket Full of Love”


Affirmation: When I share, happiness grows.


Getting to the Heart of the Lesson


When we share, our awareness grows beyond our little self to a broader reality.

Sharing is a universal principle that is found expressed throughout children’s literature, as well as in adult literature on healing, abundance, conflict-resolution, spirituality, and related topics. The act of sharing is so basic and so important to our spiritual growth that it is part of every Sunday school curriculum. Yet, sharing is sometimes seen only as an aid for settling squabbles between children and passed over as deep spiritual truth.


Sharing what we have is a simple idea, but it is not always easy to carry out. We can encourage children in small acts of sharing, and as they experience the inner happiness and freedom that comes, their willingness to share will grow. Sharing will naturally broaden the sense of self beyond the confinement of the little ego and into the reality of infinite expansion and inner joy.


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Review & Commentary