A Joyful Path, Year One, Lesson 23: Accessing Sacred Guidance


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Lesson 23 from Year One is about: Accessing Sacred Guidance, “The Falling Sky”

Original Story: The Golden Rabbit and Wise Lion


Affirmation: I feel for inner guidance before I act.


Getting to the Heart of the Lesson


We need to practice feeling for inner guidance in all decisions before we act.


We all have moments when we have to make tough decisions quickly, and sometimes the way is not clear. How will we recognize the highest good when split-second decisions are needed? And how do we prepare children for the inevitable difficult decisions they will face? The answer to both questions is practice. We can’t expect to understand inner guidance in a crisis if we haven’t listened for guidance any other time in our lives. Every day presents opportunities to feel for the right direction. Every decision we make should be made with soul intuition and not just mental reasoning. Children can learn to feel for inner guidance and use that understanding in all life’s challenges. Your true self is a spiritual being housed in a human being. If we can access the voice of our true selves, the guidance we are looking for will always be available.


Children can learn to feel for the right direction within and to recognize that every impulse is not the right one simply because it is there. Every time we remember to put our highest self in charge, the more inner joy and freedom we experience.


Affirmation 23 - I feel for inner guidance before I act

Affirmation: I feel for inner guidance before I act.


Review & Commentary