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A Joyful Path, Year One, Lesson 28: Security


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Each Year One Lesson includes:

Teacher Introduction/Getting to the Heart of the Lesson, Teacher Reflection, Spiritual Affirmation with full color Art, Original Story, and Activities, Bible Verses, Wisdom Quotes


Lesson 28 from Year One is about: Security, “Changeless Spirit”


Original Story: Daniel Faces the Lion


Affirmation: My true self is deathless and changeless. I am secure in unconditional love, light, and joy.


Getting to the Heart of the Lesson


Security comes from knowing who and what we really are.


When our identity is defined in outward ways, we are going to feel insecure because outward definitions always change. If we understand our identity as changeless spirit, then it is easier to let go of our attachment to our physical self. Jesus and other spiritual teachers have taught us that a spiritual path and our experiences on that path will lead us to a deeper understanding. It isn’t enough to just read the words or have the beliefs — we need to act in harmony with those beliefs in order to be more aware of who we really are.
The world will tell us that our security depends on money in the bank or the right clothes or an important job, but we know all those things are temporary. True security that lasts forever comes from discovering the reality that we are spiritual beings. With that knowledge, we can face anything, even our fear of death. We can’t force children to feel secure, but we can encourage them to find that truth within themselves and live from that experience. We can also talk about death in a way that is not fearful. Our Western society does much to teach fear of death. We may not know what happens after we die, but if we are secure in the knowledge that our true self does not die, it only grows and evolves, then we need not fear death or any outward physical changes that happen to our human body.

Affirmation 28 - My true self is deathless and changeless.
Affirmation: My true self is deathless and changeless. I am secure in unconditional love, light, and joy.


Review & Commentary