A Joyful Path, Year One, Lesson 4: Discovering Divine Energy

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Lesson 4  from Year One is about: Discovering Divine Energy

Divine energy is always available to us if our hearts are open and willing to let it flow.


Every parent and teacher has had the experience of asking a child to do something, and the child responds with exaggerated exhaustion. He may move as if he were dragging heavy weights behind him or may even ask for help because he feels the tremendous feat of endurance you have requested is just beyond his present capabilities. But, ask this same exhausted child if he would like to visit a favorite friend or go out for a favorite treat, and he responds with energy and enthusiasm. The difference is willingness.


Right attitude opens us to the infinite cosmic energy. There really is no limit to the energy available to us; we are only limited by our willingness. We can teach our children that God is the source of all that is, and all that is is energy. Saints and mystics have always understood that all energy comes from the one power behind and within the universe; modern science is just catching up to the idea.


Divine Energy affirmation


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