A Joyful Path, Year One, Lesson 6: Remembering God’s Presence

Nathan Leaves Home


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Lesson 6  from Year One is about: Remembering God’s Presence

“Nathan Leaves Home”


Affirmation: I will remember God is within me and all others.


Getting to the Heart of the Lesson


Remembering that God is within us and a part of everything that ever was and ever will be is one of the most important things we can do.


As humans, we naturally forget things and occasionally forget to be present for our family and friends when they need us. That is part of being human, that is part of the learning process. However, we can reassure our children that God is Eternal Spirit and does not have the same shortcomings. The Spirit of God exists within every atom of creation and therefore cannot “forget” any part of it. Because that Spirit is within each one of us, God is always nearer to us than even our dearest friends.


The dark times we all experience do not mean that God has forgotten us or that the Spirit is no longer a part of us; these are the times we forget God’s presence in our lives, when we forget that we are part of God. Being aware of spirit within everything we do is a habit we can develop. As we remember, we will find ever- increasing joy and comfort.


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