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A Man to Imitate

There once was an extraordinary young man

born in Nazareth centuries before

airplanes, cars, or computers

but a man in many ways similar

to you and I.


He dreamed of a better world in the future

one where men and women

of every shade of brown, black, yellow and pink

might together care for the birds, cats, dogs and all the flowers

and especially each other.


This young man might have lived among the wealthy men in his village

he was an accomplished carpenter.

But He took great risks, reached out to the poor and the diseased

then tipped over the tables of the money changers

causing an angry roar throughout his synagogue.


Instead of trading shekels

young Jesus worked toward his vision.

He dreamed of a better world for the family of man

and He had the will and courage to speak to power.


His parents, Mary and Joseph, helped him learn a skilled trade

so that He could support himself and his family.

He was a carpenter who worked with wood.

Their son was a manly fellow

who had strong arms and legs

and walked miles every day.

Roman soldiers were on the road

but Jesus did not run and hide.

Jesus spoke his mind.


This young man was alike and unalike

many fine young people in his world.

His extraordinary perception, compassion and determination

inspired his community.

He was a spirit person and a real person

superhuman as we sometimes are in various degrees.


Jesus was about 30 years old

when the Romans decided that he posed a threat.

He was arrested and crucified like many men of his time

but Jesus’ power was unstoppable

and his message expanded for the next 2,000 years.


He was not a ghost.

His power was in his words

and his ways.

It was a power that expands

and avails itself to every man and woman.


We can follow his example.

He was human

and we are human.

Remember Him when

the weeds of evil begin to spread

by voice, pen or gun

and the time comes

to act like Jesus might wish us to act.


We too can progress out of our comfort zones

but too often it seems I do not.


(rev 6/9/2015)


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