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A Matter Of Belief

In most conservative Christian circles, the importance of belief is talked about
“You’ve got to see God like we see Him — for salvation, you can’t do without!”

They say it’s all there in the Bible, needing to take it as the actual words of God
Any doubt is faith weakness from the Great Deceiver, Satan, as they give their nod

If you don’t profess Jesus as God’s only true and begotten, virgin-born son
There will be no heaven for you on judgment day that you could have won

If you don’t believe that Jesus paid the price for our retched (Adam’s) sinful ways
A fiery pit will be your eternal destiny, true believers rising past you will amaze!

A strictly literal reading — that has all the makings of a right believing, you say?
But maybe the road to God need not be paved in such a narrow and lock-step way

Perhaps the decision to simply follow the ways of Jesus trumps matters of belief
Realizing his loving, accepting, and sacrificial life may come with an aware relief

The Bible viewed more as a richly written story-experience and wisdom creation
No devil leading us astray — it’s rather a human choice — no Satan’s temptation

Jesus, born of a woman, not negating biological reality with a miraculous birth
A fellow child of God bringing the divine to humankind, wonderful was his worth

Jesus’ death never paid any debt for sin to get us — as substitution — “off the hook”
Humans responsible for their own behavior, no one else — let’s take another look

Our eternity shaped by spiritual growth and how we live our lives on Earth
What we believe is secondary to living Christ-filled lives — that has worth!

Verse by Randall Wehler, 2014

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