A Prayer for the Grieving

Oh Divine One,
Name most Sacred,
May the Love of those with dear ones lost
Be strong.

May the pain of their grief be lessened
With the knowledge that those whom they hold,
Dear to their Heart
Are there.

Sustained through memory,
Nurtured by their thoughts.
Connected now and forever by your Divine Love That unites us all.

Review & Commentary

  • Tom David Siebert


    I am a clinical chaplain working in the pediatric hematology/oncology unit of a major medical center.
    I would be most grateful to be directed towards resources for prayer at the bedside of critically ill persons. As one who is striving to adapt chaplaincy to non-theistic approaches, I admit to struggling with what prayer means and how to construct it in a way that will speak to the acute needs of those who suffer–patients and loved ones, particularly for the hope and strength people most often are sorely in need of and looking for from someplace beyond the felt powerlessness of their situation.
    I would like to know about any materials that address this critical issue and need felt by progressively minded chaplains, who generally still serve a population finding emotional anchor in “traditional” faith forms, while remaining true to my own ideals.
    With sincere thanks.

  • Lisa Salita

    Tom David, I found Pat Fosarelli’s book “Prayers & Rituals at a Time of Illness& Dying: The Practices of Five World Religions” to be very helpful. There are essential beliefs and practices outlined, and sample prayers for different types of deaths. The intent is to provide a base level of belief for specific religions so that, in speaking and acting in ways that are respectful of and connected with their traditions, one might offer solace. That objective is, for me, consistent with my own ideals .