A Trilogy That Explains Spiritual Growth

The Cure For All Our Woes


In her latest book, A Trilogy That Explains Spiritual Growth (The Cure for All Our Woes), author Jacqueline McNeil Watts combined her two past published books: Spirit Answers and Glimpses of a Life, plus a book of blogs.  She explains in an easy-to- understand manner some teachings of the esoteric philosophy, also known as the ageless wisdom.

This powerful trilogy helps us to realize who we are, why we are here, and what the future could have in store for us.  We also come to the realization that we play a major role, with the Divine Creator in co-creating, ourselves and our world.  According to Ms. Watts, by reading this trilogy, one arrives at an understanding of the changes that are taking place on planet earth and in us at this time, and also of how we can help to make our world a better place in which to live. 

Ms. Watts believes that her trilogy clarifies the misinterpretations and gaps of wisdom present in many current religious teachings. She also believes that this trilogy will be a rewarding and delightful eye-opener to those who wish to understand spiritual truths on a deeper level than that which is presented by many religions.

Having been taught the traditional religions as a child and young adult, Ms. Watts began to study the evolution of consciousness/spiritual growth in 1985 after she experienced a major shift in the energy in her physical body which introduced her to a new world.  She sought to understand why she began to hear voices, see clairvoyantly, and receive visits from people who had died, along with other mystical occurrences.  Now, she is sharing with the readers of this trilogy what she has learned through her experiences and studies.



Many years ago, I heard the late Dr. Wayne Dyer say that there is a spiritual solution to every problem.  After decades of spiritual growth, aided by meditation, service, and study, I must confess that I agree with him completely.  Spiritual growth is the answer to all our problems.         

On January 6, 2021, an insurrection occurred at the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C.  This was an attempt to stop the certification by Congress of the legally elected in-coming president.  The proponents of the congressional party that lost the election refused to accept their defeat.     

The unresolved issues of racism, white supremacy, individual rights versus the common good, disrespect for truth and integrity, and the intoxication of power led to the insurrection, which revealed how deeply divided the American people are.  Many people doubt that the new president will be able to rid the country of this very negative, divisive state, and create unity in our country.  I must admit that this is a tall order, but nothing is impossible.  However, I believe that the solution will not be found in books, songs, or sermons.  The solution resides in the heart of each of us.  We must grow spiritually.

What is spiritual growth?  How does one grow spiritually?  It is a path of development that each individual travels.  This path leads each of us from individual consciousness to unity consciousness.  It leads us to the awareness that we are one with the Creator, and with all that is.  The purpose of this trilogy is to help earth’s humanity understand the journey of spiritual growth, which is an evolutionary process.  It fills in the gaps that are not explained clearly, if at all, by some religions because this journey is ongoing.  The lyrics from the hymn “Farther Along” say that we will know all about it, and we will understand why, farther along.  The updates provided in this trilogy will help you to understand better as you journey farther along.


About the Author

Jacqueline McNeil Watts was employed by the Columbus (Ohio) Public Schools for thirty-six years as a French teacher, peer consultant, and project manager. In 1985, mystical phenomena began to occur in her life, and she started seeking answers. This led to thirty-seven years of study at Unity Institute (Missouri), The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living (Ohio), and The School for Esoteric Studies (Asheville, North Carolina). She has also benefitted greatly from the esoteric knowledge and experiences of well-versed mentors who are highly evolved spiritually. Currently, Jackie resides in her native city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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