A Very Zealous Christmas- VIDEO

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  • Foncell Powell

    In October 2013 I read Reza Aslan’s book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. I did not buy it. A friend of mine who had read it brought the book to me and as he put it in my hands he said, “You could have written the 14th chapter of this book. You need to read this book.” Another friend, a professor at Dallas Baptist University, who had also read Aslan’s book said, “As I was reading that book, I kept wondering when (Aslan) was going to credit you with being one of his sources.”
    I published Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The Usurpation of Jesus and the Original Disciples in Sept. 2009. The 10th chapter of the book, Saint Paul’s Homage to Plato, was printed in April of 2004 and has been online since that time.
    In his work Aslan seems to be rebutting Robbing Peter to Pay Paul… .My ideas and the sources I quoted to support those ideas are too numerous to be a coincidence it appears to me. Where I present the Jesus pictured in the Sermon on the Mount (the one that inspired Mohandas Gandhi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King, Jr.) Aslan attempts to turn Jesus into a political zealot who actually thinks he can overthrow the Roman Empire.
    You have my book on p. 24? under resources-books. When you put it in your library Dean Watt wrote a review saying, “I highly recommend Powell’s book to both those who wish to be aware of the cutting edge scholarship regarding the Christian Faith and to those who just wish to read a thoughtful and well written book….
    Fairness? Anyone?
    F. F. Powell

    F. F. Powell