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Advent Candle Lighting Readings

As this season of “sparkle and bright” unfolds before us, the glimmering promises of hope lie like boxed jewels awaiting an adoring light.
May we hold fast to hope’s patient possibilities. May we lift them high that they might catch the light of our dreams and shine bright in our broken world.And may we instil hope’s challenge in the hearts of our children that they, too, will live it into meaning–pouring their lives, as we do ours, into making it real–for themselves, for each other, for the world.
Light candle, then:

May Hope light the world this Christmas.

As this season of “sparkle and bright” unfolds around us, the silent prayers of peace lie like stars hidden in a clouded night,
May we inspire the world with peace. May we touch it to our lives that in every place of stress, frustration, or fear, we might feel the presence of peace easing our hearts and transforming our lives. And may we share the its healing power with our children, that they might become the inspiration through which peace makes its way to a new yet-dreamt-of world.
Light candle, then:

May Peace light the world this Christmas.

As this season of “sparkle and bright” unfolds around us the transforming wonders of joy await discovery like shimmering sugar crystals on a favourite treat.
May we create joy in all our surroundings as we share gifts, meals, and simple pleasures with family and friends. May the easy gift of a smile bring the power of joy’s touch to those we meet through these busy days. And may we experience the joy of this season as though with the eyes and hearts of children that we might be transfixed by power of what could be.
Light candle, then:

May Joy light the world this Christmas.

As this season of sparkle and bright unfolds around us the welcome beauty of love is found, woven into the simplicity of every moment.

May love flow from our hearts with abundance filling every moment with the season’s gifts of hope and peace and joy. May it be shared truly and deeply that all who encounter it?be charged with its message and become, themselves, the agents of love. And may our children, who love without reckoning, teach us the truth of this most precious gift–we are nothing without each other. Let us live, then, in the blessing of love.
Light candle, then:

May Love light the world this Christmas.

As we find ourselves wrapped in the season of wonder and light, the astonishment that is life ignites our spirits, and we feel, if merely for a moment, that we are as we were meant to be.
May we hold fast to this sliver of mystery, this truth upon which we set the whole of who we are. May we call ourselves back to it time and again, until we are filled with the wonder that is our life– its hope, its peace, its joy, its love. Infused, then, with all that we are, may our energies be given to the transformation of this world–from despair into hope; from darkness into light; from fear into love. May we be bold .May we be daring. May we be love.
Light candle, then:

Love lights the world this Christmas.

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