Alchemy of Healing

The courage we borrow, the courage we bring
Shall bind us in strength to the healing we sing
The courage to face any wound that we fear
Shall bind us in beauty and bless every tear

Bring grace and bring kindness to all that you sing
To heal and to honour each fierce tender thing
Each shame left unspoken may yet shine a light
A place that seemed broken, that place can give life

The darkness we banish, the shadow we blame
Though hidden, may help us to find our true name
So bring all your courage that all be made whole
Transforming your story in body and soul

Come gather your power with good friends around
Together we stand in the truth of this ground
Our courage can make us, can heal and can mend,
Any wound can be sacred, any wound we transcend

~ Gilo

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Text © Gilo 2017

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